Friday, May 29, 2015

Beach Camping: San Elijo State Beach

For a few years now, we have been camping at the beach in the non-winter seasons. At first I tried to be a regular happy outdoorsy camper type person. But with the kiddos, diapers and the dog, the inside of a tent (sitting in a plot of dirt) can get pretty yucky.

So for my 30th birthday we bought a vintage camper and fixed it up and now camping at the beach is so much fun!!

It is a time for the kids to ride their bikes/scooters, boogie board,


make drip castles,

play a little frisbee,

be wave ninjas,


or mermaids,

eat PB and J,

hang out with friends around the campfire,

 make silly faces,


eat s'mores

and to be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves crashing.

They have a little shop where you can buy firewood, necessities and other fun stuff like Zinkas. We are trying to get a new color every time we go. They also have warm showers and toilets.

When we get tired of cooking we like to take wagon trips outside of the campground to VG's (the awesome local bakery).

Good times!


Salty Air.

 Amazing sunsets!

Looking forward to more beach camping this year when it is a little bit warmer!

Summer is coming!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Good, The Bad & The Laundry

Does anyone else feel like its Groundhog Day when, after having just done the dishes the night before, the alarm clock sounds, you rush the kids off to school, play dates, errands, gym (yeah right), in and out of the car-seat, lunch and then the sink is full again!? UGH.

How about digging through the (clean) laundry pile that you haven't folded because it feels like you just did it yesterday and folding takes FOREVER!? I shouldn't admit this, but there have been times when I have gone three weeks (four is the longest I will publicly admit to) without folding the laundry. The longer it goes, the bigger the pile becomes and the more insurmountable it seems.

Well - no longer! I have a secret. And its awesome. And it seriously makes folding laundry and doing the dishes enjoyable. That’s right! It doesn't involve any preorganizing or other work. It’s the real deal and it is my savior. Get ready for it...

Audiobooks! The clouds have parted, the rays of sunshine have forged through the doom and the doves are singing. No but seriously, I just put on my headphones and listen to my book while I'm cleaning or folding laundry and what used to be a never-ending, exhausting drudgery of a task has now become an enjoyable and productive escape!

I also listen to books when I'm sewing, during long drives and when I go to bed at night.

Having always been a bookworm, I wasn't sure that I could do audiobooks. Reading from a book means being able to see the words, feel the page and the smell!! But what an audiobook does give you that a book cannot is freedom to use your hands and to walk around. Usually the people who read the stories bring an additional element of life to the story as they almost have to act it out. Their renditions have inspired me to be livelier in my readings at story time with the kiddos.

It also helps a little with the problem of book storage.

I use and I am on the 2 books per month plan. I try to choose longer ones that will last through the entire month. Right now I'm listening to the Outlander Series and Game of Thrones books (yes I’m a nerd) which are usually at least 30 hours of listening per book! But I also like shorter ones too. Some of my recent favorites are Orphan Train, The Girl on the Train, Eleanor & Park, and The Charm School.

So, friend - get yourself a comfy pair of headphones, (I like the big cushy ear muff type ones and brew up a cup of tea and enjoy. You're welcome!

Note: This pictorial representation of my laundry pile is nothing short of pure fraudulence. The real thing is a whole lot messier!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet the Family!

I wanted to introduce everyone to my family and my home. These are the people who I love most in this world because they are pretty much my whole life and I kinda talk about them a lot :)

But first I want to thank my friend Aimee from The Hearts Haven who came over and snapped these photos of us last week. As someone who attempts to take good photos, I am in awe of her talent, how easily it comes to her and how amazing she always is with my kids!!! Aimee has been my friend for nearly 10 years now, she is one of the first people I was able to open up to and one of the first people who opened my eyes to how caring and compassionate people could be. I am so thankful to have her and her family in my life.

Ok lets start with Archie!


He is my wild dreamer. Part mad scientist and part stunt man. Chatter box, asks at least a hundred questions on the way home from school every day. 

He is six. My first born. My son. 


Her name is Winnie.  

 My fierce beauty, tiny dancer and princess kitty cat.

She is three. My baby, my daughter.

This is Dallas. He is the builder of  our dreams. Tickle-wrestle Champion. Born to be mild. My husband. (he was at work for the photo session, so I took this one after).

This is Texi. He is a snoring, snuggling snufalufagus. Joe Pesci in dog form. My puppy.  

They are completely different little people. But they truly do get along well and their differences compliment each other. Except when then don't :)

They are definitely partners in crime.

They both have my hobbit feet.

And a few more of us together in our home :)