Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Lazy Day

Today we didn't really go anywhere or do much of anything. It was just one of those days where we stayed home all day and had a good time of it.

We did some painting.

Winnie wanted to hang it on the fridge so we did. It melts my heart when she says, "Mama, this one for you!" Meanwhile I have drawers stashed full of their artwork and really do need to figure out what to do with it. I actually thought it might be fun to send it to people if it would somehow brighten their day. But then I thought it might be egocentric of me to assume that anyone else would give a hoot about my kids scribbles :)

We visited the pretty purple Jacaranda tree at the top of our driveway where we dodged the bees and picked some flowers and chatted with our super nice neighbor. Winnie refused to talk to him because, "he is not a girl". Thankfully Archie is overly friendly and blurts out his name and other random personal information so it makes up for her less than friendliness.


We added our pickings to the vase full of Win's flowers from her dance recital this weekend. They make the dining table pretty :)

Then she played with the paper straws for a bit. Not what I bought them for lol, but glad that she still can still pick up anything and give it little voices and line them up in a straight line.

Play-doh time. The colors were so nice and separated before, but she wanted to make a GIANT PANCAKE!!!

Archie hoodwinked me into buying him legos at Target, which he already has a giant bag of.

He put the guys together and I put together the car that goes with it.

Winnie has her eye on Unikitty because she and Unikitty are basically soul-mates.

Things started getting crazy.

Texi has a rough life.

We found a patch of clovers.

Discovered that one leaf clovers are hearts.

Jumped on the trampoline.

Jumped on the trampoline while making the leaves rain down on us.

Re-put together the lego car for Archie like a thousand times.

The nudists got naked and played with legos inside the doll house.

Went back to the tree when Daddy got home because we had to show him how pretty it was.

Made some quiche for dinner and then we watched Aladdin.

Read "Where the Wild Things Are" and "A Is for Awesome" and bribed Archie to go to sleep by himself by telling him he would get a glass of Ovaltine in the morning.

It was a good day.

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