Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Archie Graduates Kindergarten!

Today my handsome boy graduated Kindergarten!

What a year it has been! I am so proud of how far he has come, how much he has learned and how brave he has been with all of the new environments and experiences throughout the year. He is so excited about learning everything there is in this wide world to know and how it all works. It is awesome to witness his hunger and I can't help but be excited about it all myself!

Last year when Kindergarten was approaching and we were doing the registration, I was very anxious. I didn't know how he would do. Going from running around all day like a crazy person, to having so many consecutive hours studying indoors, is a huge deal for a little boy.

I won't lie, I felt like I was losing him a little bit. It was the end of our little love affair and the beginning of him having to go to school for the next 13 years of his life! And a job after that! I couldn't help but feel accusatory twinges of annoyance towards the system, the Man :), for taking away my kid. "Let's just see how it goes," I told myself.

Dallas told me over and over again, "It'll be fine." His signature statement.

I never went to a regular school, so I didn't know what to expect. I never had a teacher, I just had a supervisor. And they weren't very helpful.

Because we moved houses at the end of summer, we registered at the last minute and so we didn't get to choose his teacher. It was just something that made me feel worse on on top of everything else.

When it came time to start, the whole week leading up to it, he would tell me his tummy hurt and his heart was beating fast when he would think about it. He was so anxious.

On his first day I had to reassure him over and over again that I would be there, every day, after school to pick him up. But once he saw the playground, and learned he could play there at recess and lunchtime, he forgot all of his worries and everything was good in the world as far as he was concerned.

Not for me! I literally started sobbing in his class room like a total psychopath and it was completely inappropriate and I was not strong for him at all. I tried to keep it together for a long time but then the intro went on and on and they kept singing these cute little good morning songs and stuff and then a little girl started crying and it was all just too much for me!

Fast forward to a year later and my little boy knows how to read! He knows how to write! He knows addition and subtraction, can count to 100 and can count by tens! He has managed to make friends with all the students in his class despite them speaking mostly Spanish.

And this women, his teacher... I am so in love with her! My son's first teacher. She taught him how to read. How to write. She made learning fun for him. She showed him patience and kindness. She pushed him past the frustration of failure and has shown him that he CAN learn anything. And I know it isn't easy for a FACT because I tried to teach him these things and it made me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil every time. She made an effort to include me in my son's education. She made an effort to get to know him.

She could have been careless. She could have been short tempered or impatient, but no. She chose to do a good job and to be a good person and in so doing has made my son's first school experience a positive one. One that will set the tone for all other such experiences in his future. Thanks to her my son got a good start in life.

Who could I be more grateful to as a mother than the woman who taught my son to read?  I have the utmost respect for her.

Thank you Mrs. Brumidis! We will always remember you and you will always be Archie's first teacher!

And of course I am beyond proud of my boy, every day, in every aspect of my life, to the point where I have to (try) to stop myself from the obnoxious habit of beginning 90% of my sentences with the intro, "As a mother..."


  1. The teacher at Phoenix pre-k allowed me and my son to tour her facility, and actually encouraged parents to aid in their child's transition by attending the school for a week with child.

  2. Wow that would be awesome! I actually just registered Archie today at his new school and I started to get the dread feeling again. It sure would be nice if I could go with him for a week!