Monday, June 15, 2015

Decluttering & Spending Less Part Two

Back again as promised with Part Two ...finally!

Now that the drawers and closets are cleared out and I have only saved those items that I feel will contribute to the life that I want for myself, the next step is organizing them! This is where things get even more awesome.

In her book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), Marie Kondo goes over how the regular way of folding i.e, into stacks, is just asking for a mess. Every time you grab something that isn't on top of the pile, you mess up the whole pile and a few days later, the whole drawer is a mess!

 Instead she wants you to use the KonMarie method. Here is the basic rundown of what this is:

The goal is to be able to see all of the items in the drawer at a glace without having to dig around. The key to this is is to store them standing up instead of laying down. WHAT???

Its kind of genius and I never would have thought of it on my own.

In order to store the clothes standing up, they must be made more compact, which means more folds. You might be thinking wrinkles!! But the way she explains it is:

"Even lightly folded clothes will wrinkle if they are stored in a pile because the weight of the clothes acts like a press. Think of the difference between folding one sheet of paper as opposed to a hundred sheets in one go. It is much harder to get a sharp crease when folding a whole stack of paper at one time."

So the goal is to fold each item into a smooth rectangle, by first folding it lengthwise (the sides toward the center), then fold the short ends together, first in halves, then in quarters or thirds. The number of folds can be adjusted but the goal is to have the item, when standing up, fit the height of the drawer it will be stored in!

Like this. 

If the clothes are still floppy, you need to adjust your folding to find the sweet spot where the item will stand on end almost by itself.

Now that you have everything folded in this way, you put the clothes into the drawer in a file type arrangement.

Folding in this way helps me so much I can't even tell you. All of our drawers fit so many more clothes. Dallas has so many t-shirts, he works in the action sports industry and so gets a lot of them for free. Before this whole process, I was actively hunting for a second dresser because his stuff wouldn't fit even after I tried to squeeze it in there and even had a laundry basket on the side of his dresser to hold the extras. Now, we don't need one anymore!

The kids drawers are a 10 thousand percent improvement. I will never go back to the old way. This is just as easy to fold, but makes life during the week so much easier!

Archie's dresser.

Winnie's drawers.

 Next she goes into how to organize your closet. One of the things she mentions throughout the book is how as children we are always told to "clean your room" or as adults, "organize your closet", but nobody is ever taught how to do it.

Her first tip for closet organizing is that you put like items together. Pants together, jackets together, etc. This is because they are more likely to lay flat or "relax" when next to similar items.

The next tip she gives is to have the items in the closet "rise to the right". This just makes the space feel lighter and more inviting and will encourage you mentally to put things away. So longer items on the left and shorter items on the right.

I tried to apply the same concept to my shoes, putting the higher ones to the left and the flatter ones to the right.

Well folks that is all for this installment. I will be back soon for Part Three and it is all about books!

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