Thursday, June 25, 2015

Four Days of Beach Camping!

We kicked off summer this weekend with a four day beach camping trip!

Dallas's cousin's fam got the camp spots and invited us to hang out with them.

To be honest I was a little worried about a four day trip because we usually just do two days. But when it it was time to leave, I didn't want to go home... except maybe to take a shower!

It was a blast! We did all of the usual fun stuff, like getting Donuts from VG's Bakery, and then even more fun stuff because they have all been camping here for years and showed us the secret stuff that we never knew about such as the park around the corner where the kiddos played and ate their donuts.

All of the cousins, cousins of cousins, second cousins and who knows what type of cousins they are, they all came out of the woodwork to hang out.

We splurged on some Zinka,

and the dads did some interesting tribal warrior ninja face painting.

Archie wanted to be Harry Potter in the waves.

This is Zinka gone wrong.

We stayed at the beach all day long and did fun beachy stuff like making sandcastles,

getting buried in the sand,

digging giant tide pools embanked with seaweed,  
playing beach baseball

 drinking out of pineapple cups with swirly straws,

playing in the shade,

and making memories with family and good friends.

The sand was glittering with gold

and beautiful patterns,

Mornings and evenings were spent riding bikes and scooters.

Arch only recently took off his training wheels so he was a little shaky and things got a little emotional for him at times, but he kept going back for more!

There were lots of races, this race track was a danger zone!

These two cuties rode in the bike trailer with Auntie Kel to see the sunsets. It was sweet because Winnie doesn't always let other people hold her, she usually gives them the evil eye and lets them know that I am her mommy. But she snuggled right up with Kelly and it was sweet to see.

Uncle Boog was an awesome camp host and made lots of yummy food for us and it was pretty great not to have to cook a single thing for once. Uncle Wilbur made yummy salsa and Auntie Audra made surprise breakfast for us in the morning.

They brought these yummy plums from their tree at home which I ate the entire time. Possibly a few too many.

There was some painting in Kelly's camper. She had the cutest art station set up that was so perfect for these little artists. I'm not showing her camper here because it puts mine to shame.

Audra and Kelly are my favorite decorators in all the land and their individual styles and techniques have inspired me so much these past couple years to make life more cozy and beautiful.

There were popsicles

and PB &Js.

Some good photo ops with some crazy kiddos in front of the newly painted camper!

The nights were complete with a campfire and special recipe S'mores, which may have included bacon and other such gastronomic masterpieces!

There were sparklers,

amazing sunsets,

and an amazing feeling knowing that I have an awesome family who love, inspire and have taught me by example to take a hold of life and these moments we have and to make the best of them, to have fun and not to let it all slip by.

I believe that life is what I make it and they invest in a happy one and that has been an important lesson for me. To stop saying, "I wish I had more time to do so and so," and instead making time for it. While I will always be working on it, this approach to my life and personal happiness has helped me to make my own life so much more fulfilling and I plan to fully embrace it this summer!


  1. Your kids and family are lucky to have you, Jenna - and vice versa!

  2. That's amazing to see your vacation in such a nice way. I used to take my family with RV Trailers traveling mostly in a forest or nature.
    Thanks for sharing.

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