Friday, June 26, 2015

Marmalade Day

If there were ever anywhere else in the world I'd want to live, it would definitely be England. Its just  such a dreamy and whimsical place. Around every corner would be a bakery, library, yarn or tea shop and people with English accents. Everything looks like Harry Potter world and Notting Hill and if I drove a little ways, or even better took a train,  I'd wind up in some glorious countryside with a cottage just like the one in that movie with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz! This fantasy was confirmed in my mind as absolute truth when we went there last year. 

Archie loves England too. His favorite TV show was Kipper when he was little, his favorite book is The Wind in the Willows and he says funny things like, "I was terribly afraid," and when other kids at the beach are asking to be mermaids or sharks when they are buried in the sand, he asks to be a Mole.  He loved England so much when we visited and he talks about it all the time.

Winnie idolizes the Queen of England, but I'm pretty sure she would idolize the queen of anything because she plans, one day, to be queen of the entire universe.

Last Tuesday night when Dallas was at his Soccer game we watched the Paddington Bear movie. We had a fun movie night with special coconut oil popcorn that we made on the stove-top. Aside from the kids fighting over who was going to turn the crank on the popcorn pot first, the night was really special. The movie was super cute and we got to see a lot of the places we'd seen when we were in London while we snuggled on the couch under a warm blankie.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of the movie they have a Marmalade Day because Paddington Bear only eats marmalade sandwiches. The marmalade sandwich saves the day in the end, so the whole family gets together in their cute little english kitchen and they make jars upon jars of marmalade together. 

As we watched Archie asked, "Mama, can we do that one day?"

"Sure, one day..." I said.

Today while we were at the park Archie remembered out of the blue and shouted, "Marmalade Day!" 

I have been itching to bake/make something yummy and so it was decided, today was going to be our marmalade day! 


We stopped at the grocery store on the way home today and the kids picked out oranges from the bottom of the stack. I had to juggle and dance to catch them before they all hit the ground.

After we went to the pool, we came home and got started!


  • 3 large naval oranges zested
  • 2 1/2 cups of sugar

Zest all 3 oranges and chop it up into fine strips. Peel the oranges and throw away the peels. Pulse the orange segments in the food processor a few times so they are roughly chopped up.

Put it all into a pot and add the sugar and mix it all together.

Boil it for 15-20 minutes, making sure to stir frequently and then constantly toward the end.

Ladle into the boiled jars (I used two) and put on the lid. Turn upside down for 5 minutes before refrigerating.

We didn't have any bread in the house so we made some of that too :) I used the Barefoot Contessa Honey White Bread Recipe. I love making bread and this recipe is the first one I was ever successful at so it feels homey to me.

I actually didn't quite have the amount of flour needed for the recipe, and I cut the rise time by about 20 minutes, so the top was a little flatter than usual.

But it was still golden,


and fluffy on the inside,

and the perfect bread for our marmalade!

It was delish. We all loved it.

Here's to more marmalade days!

When our tummies were full, just like Paddington's, Archie wrote all about our Marmalade Day in his journal :)

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