Friday, June 19, 2015

Our First Day of Summer!

Although Archie's graduation was a few days ago, today was the first day he actually didn't have to go to school!

We were all counting down the days rather impatiently. When it finally came we went a little crazy and let him stay up super late because we didn't have to wake up the next morning!!

Unfortunately he still woke up at normal time. After much snuggling and tickling we finally got out of bed and made the kiddos their favorite breakfast - Mary Janes.

They insisted on helping.

We used the snowflake cookie cutter to make the hole in the bread because Winnie refuses to eat anything that isn't shaped like a heart, star or snowflake. This is only a mild exaggeration.

Next we went to a local park which was really more of a nature preserve with all sorts of little play stations, butterfly gardens and instruments made from gourds. Fun stuff!

They had this section of concrete tunnels that were pretty cool.

It was a hot day, so we took cover under one of the red pepper trees and actually tried some of the peppers. They tasted surprisingly like pepper lol.

So many pretty flowers.

And secret passageways.

And magical stone faces.

We watched the tadpoles. Archie tried to catch some. Eeek.

We picked ticklers.

Then it was time for lunch so we headed down to Daddy's work to have lunch with him.

When everyone's tummy was full, we had Mochi Balls for dessert!


Winnie has an entire Mochi Ball in her mouth here. I reached in to my purse to grab a wipe to clean her off and realized I'd forgotten them. Instead I pulled out one of Archie's socks and wiped her face with it. Motherhood at its finest!

After lunch we headed back home. Archie fell asleep in the car and I got to carry him inside like a baby. I haven't done that in a while and may never get the chance again, so that made me happy. But I have a sneaky suspicion that he was awake at the end there, but we both kept up the pretense :)

When he woke up, we started his Summer Journal. The last few weeks, I searched all over for a good one including at my new favorite store, Paper Source. But I couldn't spend thirty dollars on a journal for him. I knew if I did, he would wind up using it to blow his nose or something worse lol. I got this cute six dollar one from Target that I thought looked boyish.

His teacher suggested it as a good way to practice his writing over the summer. It will make for good memories too!

The giant blob is a butterfly we saw at the park whom he named "Moni," for Monarch. So the real Moni didn't look much like the drawing at all, but we agreed that he was drawing Moni's inner personality which was obviously rainbow.

When we saw Moni at the park, we wanted to creep up on him quietly, but he was onto us and flew away. As he fluttered off Archie waved to him and said, "Bye Moni, have a good trip to Mexico!".

Happy Summer everyone!!