Monday, June 29, 2015

The County Fair

On Friday we went to the San Diego County Fair. Winnie takes dance at her Aunt Abby's dance studio and they were performing there so we got free tickets!

We tried to get there early before it got too hot, but it didn't open for an hour! So after wandering around for a bit we had a little bit of time before Win had to get ready for the show.

We went on the merry-go-round,

fed the animals,

and got some ice cream.

I didn't know it was possible to have this face while holding a giant ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, but I guess I'm wrong.

Then it was showtime!!

This is Winnie's friend, Charlie from dance class. She is a little cutie pie dancing firecracker.

It was just the two of them performing today (usually there are five others) but they carried the show like super stars!

Look at these munchkins! They don't even get nervous! I don't know how that is possible, but they loved all the attention and they were little rock star hams.

Then it was time for the rides!!! We took Joey with us while his mama (Aunt Abby) finished up her dance show.

These two crack me up. Archie and Joey. Best friends and cousins. Always so excited to see each other and always having so much fun together. They are a two man circus. Wherever we go, Archie always wants to know if Joey is coming too.

Winnie didn't want to change out of her costume after her show so it was these two little boys up to mischief and a glittery little ballerina girl following them around.

When they won, they gave the prize to little sissy.

This guy was awesome, he taught them how to throw the darts.

The entire time we were on the ferris wheel Archie was saying, "We're gonna die! we're gonna die! we're gonna die!" and he and Joey thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. Me - not so much.

Woohooo!!!!! Winnie loved this mini disco roller coaster. It went forward and backward!

When Aunt Abby's show was all done, we all hung out together with Aunt Jennifer, Grandma Gail and cousins Calli, Dylan, Taty and Lucy.

Taty has her tickets and her chocolate beard!

This is what happens when you attempt to take a family photo. Joey and Archie turn into zombies, Taty is pissed off , Calli is sick of smiling, Dylan and Winnie are camera ready and Lucy has no idea what's happening. The random photo-bomber dude is the cherry on top.


Archie went on this one with Calli and Dylan, in the end there, he looked like he might vomit Problem Child style. Thankfully he did not.

The girlies riding the train. 

The boys trying to "crack the code" of the "money machine".

Our navigators got a little distracted.

A little pat-a-cake.

This trampoline was awesome!

They got so much air!

They were "like Spiderman!"

Totally worth the $8 per kid!

Yay Taty!

Woohoo Winnie!

Dallas came by when he got off from work and we were all happy to see Daddy.

They got a funnel cake.

Archie was in little boy heaven with dirt all over his feet and knees and powdered sugar all over his face!

By the end of the day, Archie and Joey looked like homeless kids who we found in the dumpster. They were kicking up clouds of dirt everywhere we went and their legs were black, like Chimney Sweeps. Archie's shaggy hair completed the look.

It was a good day!


  1. Great "adventurelog" Jenna. You are a very engaging writer and a great mom. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Scott! I appreciate you saying that!!! Thanks for visiting!!