Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cold-Brew Coffee, Paper Flowers and Orange Peel Scones

Today we wanted to do something special for my mom, "Grandma Bitty" because she helped us with buying our new house which just closed escrow yesterday. She also has been super busy at work and on top of that, she has been a little sick lately and so we wanted to something special for her.

I saw this recipe for cold-brew coffee over at OhDearDrea, one of my favorite blogs, and knew that it would be perfect for her. 

It brewed for a day on the shelf on the pink hutch. I don't drink coffee but making this sure did make my house smell nice!

I've been listening to the book, The Paper Magician, on audible, and it inspired me to make something beautiful with paper. I've had this craft book called Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand for over a year now and haven't made anything from it. Mostly because crepe paper is so darn hard to find!

After a trip to Michaels, Wal-mart and then Party City, we finally found some crepe paper. I wish they had better colors like a pastel yellow, apricot or seafoam green, but I just decided to work with what I could find and whatever else I have in my paper drawer!


So this is what we had to work with.

It was a messy endeavor and the kiddos helped by err, cutting up tiny pieces of paper and spreading them throughout the entire house?

Not as good as the ones in the book, but a lot of fun and still pretty beautiful. When we have the art studio (more like art room) in the new house, I want to decorate the ceiling with paper chains and papier-mâché sculptures and what not. I'm just gonna go crazy!

Last we wanted to make her something yummy to go with her coffee and why not some yummy orange scones? We had lots of frozen zest in the freezer from last week when we made marmalade. By the way, did you know you could freeze zest? That's right, just put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it for use anytime!

These wild animals helped with the final touches.

They looked delicious when I peeked into the oven. Now my house smells like coffee and orange peels which might be the best smell ever! I swear I can smell when something is done baking in the oven, does anyone else have that?

I made a special glaze with orange juice and powdered sugar to drizzle on top!



And the cold-brew was ready. Winnie added her scribbles decorative touches to the tag. 

We were putting on the final touches just as my mom (Grandma Bitty) pulled into the driveway for dinner.

I probably don't say it enough and so I am going to say it now. I am so grateful to have you in my life Mom!

I am so appreciative of you being here for me these past few years, for everything you do to help me with the kids, loving them as much as you do, for helping me to raise them in a happy loving environment and for being there for me during the book tours, travels and in hard times and good, for being the person I can call if I am having a panic attack or a wild bout of hypochondria and who I know will always be on my side. 

Me, Dallas and the kids love you very much. 

One last pic of a scone thief!


  1. Another winner Jenna. Bitty certainly does deserve all the love and care you and your family can give her for being there for you. Karry and I send her our love and best wishes.

    1. Thanks Scott! I will pass along your message to her! Have a great day!

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