Monday, July 13, 2015

Fried Bananas, Candyland and our Favorite Book

My Dad used to make fried bananas for me when I was little when we would visit on weekends. I still love them. They might not look like much, but they are so yummy fried in just a little bit of butter.

Recently I've been making soft boiled eggs. Never having been very good at frying eggs, the yolk always busts or the egg sticks to the pan, when I read about how to make a soft boiled egg here, it sounded a lot more like baking than cooking to me!

I am so much better and baking than I am at cooking and now I am so much better at soft boiled eggs than fried eggs!

Once again, inspired by Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand, the book we played with the day before, I remembered I had an old paper making kit in the garage that I haven't used since forever! I thought we would pull it out and make some pretty paper!

The kiddos shredded up bit of scrap paper, 


picked some pretty petals that we could put inside our paper, 

and then we blended it all up and brought it to the bathtub. Yes this is my toilet in this picture.

We put in our pulp and flower petals and swished it all around on the frame/screen,

we sponged away all of the extra water which took a little bit of patience, 

we rolled the sheet between some absorbant paper, 

and finally we ironed it. 

Here is our first piece of paper!

The kids decided that they had to stay still for way too long to make paper, so they went crazy on the trampoline, posing their high jumps for me!

Then we played Candyland. Archie won. Winnie was less than ecstatic about that.

We made some scones because we couldn't get the ones we made for Grandma Bitty the other day out of our minds and then we went to the porch swing and read our favorite book. Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature.

My kiddos have a LOT of books. This is because my Dad has them in a bookclub where they get books or puzzles every month which they are very lucky to have. They appreciate each and every book they get. Archie told me the other day that he loved the smell of books which made me really proud. In the new house we are building a small library, so we are carefully hoarding as many books as we can so we can fill the not yet in existence floor to ceiling shelves that are only accessible by sliding ladder.

This book is my absolute favorite kids book. It just has the most beautiful illustrations,

the most magical descriptions of each of the seasons and the various life cycles that occur within them,

it is so beautifully written and illustrated and it really portrays the magic around us every day in a such a poetic way,

from worms,



dandelions, moths, bulbs, migration. Its got it all. I love this illustrator so much that he has become one of my favorite artists. If I could have huge prints of his art plastered on the walls of my house, my life would be complete.
When we were done reading and eating our scones, Rapunzel played in her tower and let down her hair. 

Then she morphed into Tinkerbell, sprinkled pixie dust on the trampoline and showed us how it made her fly.

"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?" -Oscar Wilde

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