Thursday, July 23, 2015

Moving House

Sorry I have been absent the last few days, we have been preparing the new house to move into and then moving into it. Today is the first day we have internet! Hooray!

The new house is definitely a fixer upper, not everyone will be able to see the potential, but I do and I'm very excited about it but also know its a lot of work. Its our little California Cottage.

I'll show you pictures as I fix up each space, I want to show more, but it is such a disaster, I can't bring myself to post them! Not until I at least have stuff put away and remove the giant pile of cardboard boxes from my front porch!

Some of the best things about the new house are that we have a good amount of land, that we have lots of fruit trees,

and have room for a garden, we have a grey water system, we have room for chickens which we will probably be getting soon, the house is older and so it has that charm that I love such as built in closets, crank windows, etc.

Some pics of the kids finding the eggs that the previous owners left for us.


Some of the bummer things are no AC, but its also kind of good because less on the electrical bill and also the house is very breezy so it hasn't been a problem and its July! Small kitchen/no dishwasher. I tried to create a fantasy in my mind with how fun it could be to hand wash the dishes while listening to audible, but it was a fantasy. We are definitely going to get a dish washer or at least a bigger sink!

The kiddos rooms are bigger. Our room is small which is kind of nice because our last bedroom was so big it became the kids playground with small toys as booby traps to step on in the middle of the night and all.

I am most excited about the room which will be the library! I want to get a couple of wing back chairs in there, floor to ceiling shelves with a sliding ladder. I seriously think I could fill the (future) shelves with just the books I have right now.

In this moving adventure which is not quite complete yet, I learned a few things:

  • If you are painting your new house until midnight for a week straight and there are spider webs that didn't come off when you wiped down the walls, just paint over them.
  • Aubible is your friend while painting and moving. I listened to The Girl With all The Gifts by M.R. Carey and it was easily the best book I've listened to this year. Such a great reading too by Finty Williams.
  • Moms are the best. My mom helped us to paint, watch the kiddos, she was simply amazing. It got me thinking about how, being a mom isn't just for when your kids are little, its for when they grow up too and even when they have their own kids, even when they are 31! Dallas's Mom too. I'm so thankful to have both of these wonderful Mamas in my life and I am inspired to strive to be able to do this for my own kids when they to are grown one day.
  •  Moving sucks, no matter what. But putting stuff away isn't so bad. Its a nice chance to reorganize things and declutter and to work out new systems for old habits. 

More in the near future about the new house as we get settled in!

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