Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Summer Adventures Continue!

To be honest after our first beach camping trip, my Dad visiting, the Fair, the park and the swimming pool, a couple of parties and even a trampoline park, I was ready to take a break from the whirlwind of summer activities. I just wanted to be home and do nothing for a little bit. 

But I decided to push myself because I knew that in a few weeks Archie will be back in school and I will be wishing that I had maximized on all of our time together. 

Another reason is that I haven't had much time with my nieces lately and I missed them. It is also important to me that my kiddos grow up with their cousins and they spend as much time as possible together. I feel that this sets them up for a lifetime of a support system and people who love them and will always be there for them.

So here we are again, back at playing in the sand!

This is my niece Calli, she is smart, sweet and pretty awesome at making drip castles.

My water boy who is obsessed with any water whether its the hose, water balloons, the ocean or the pool!

Excited about Shark week, he got to ask his Uncle Bean all of his questions about sharks that he hasn't been able to get answers from me on. What is a reef shark? Are sharks monsters of the sea? What is more powerful Jaws or Godzilla? Is human their favorite food? What's the biggest shark? Thankfully Uncle Bean had all the answers.

Dug for sand crabs, which I find rather disgusting, mostly because they in fact are disgusting and yet people often feel the need to chase me around with them?!!

Calli and Lucy. Big sister and little sister. I love this sweet pic of them.

The girlies played and giggled together,

and collected seashells.

Um seriously, how cute can one little person be?!

My niece Dylan and her friend.

I love this gal, she is hilarious and real and lots of fun.

Sandy toes.


more fun s'more ideas (ritz are the best!),

sleepy heads who sleep in,

snugly puppies,


shaved ice (Tigers blood and Maui Wowie!).

My camper became the big girls hangout,

where they took over the little girls coloring books!

More playing as we wait for the sun to come out,

then the sun came out,

So we got ready for the beach,

a little Zinka fun!

Look at these cuties. I love how the big girls take care of the little ones.

Dylan, splashing away.

Calli's drip castle masterpiece.

Lucy and Winnie playing some more.

Archie, the sand-zombie.

Sister love!

Love this pic of Calli. Dylan took it, she's a budding photographer.

Some evening chalk art fun,

Archie's rain drops,

and then lightening.

We mostly just got food from Bull Taco, so we didn't have to cook. The Carne Asada tater tots are the best!

Then for the sunset bike/scooter rides, races.

"I won!"

An afternoon nap.

My favorite pic. I love these beautiful girls.

Crazy haired wave man!

Archie pretending to be a shark!

On our final morning, we had to go to VG's Bakery,


The Park!


It was a great trip. The cousins got to hang out together making bonds for life. I got to hang out with my sister in law a bit which is not always easy with life and the kids making us ever busy. It was easy going and relaxing. 

Its the little things like this that the kids will remember when they grow up. Our summers together and its these little things that add to the positive experiences in my life that lead to a happy one. 

Sometimes I have to push myself out the door, but I never regret doing  it, I only regret not doing it.

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