Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pop-pop Visits

Last week my Dad came out to visit. Archie misses him a lot and so he always counts the days until he comes out to visit.

We did a lot of fun things. We went to the park and the trail around the lake so Archie could practice his bike riding, he only recently took off his training wheels and is getting better and better each day. He needs a push when he goes uphill because he isn't quite brave enough to stand up on the pedals. He's getting there though!


This trail is really beautiful with lots of big trees and pretty wildflowers.

Pop-pop helping him down the trail to the dock.

The kids love to feed the ducks and to point out all of the different types of duck. Mallards, blue bills, the ones with a funny nose.

My job is to pull Winnie back from the edge!

The ducks are fed so we head up to the playground.

Archie finds a flower.

Winnie makes cupcakes out of sand.

Archie finds a slug!

I had to touch this thing because he couldn't pick it up on his own with his little fingers. I think I should get an award for that. Just sayin.

These are his new shoes from Thredup which we are loving.

Watch out, wild man on a bike!!

Winnie finds pine cones.

When we're done at the park, we head to the grocery store. Archie has a mission to try all of the rare fruit in the world. So he got this Kiwano. It wasn't really that great. We tried a Chermoya a few weeks back which tasted awesome but had a lot of seeds.

We went to the pool and Arch jumped off the diving board.

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Then Poppop jumped off too!

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The next few days are packed with marmalade making, the fair, summer parties, you name it and we needed a home day.

Archie saw those Balloon Bonanza commercials on TV, where you can fill up to 40, pre-tied water balloons in one go and had been hounding me to get them. My friend Kelly told me she tried them and they were totally awesome so I finally ordered them!

Craziness ensued.

This guy is the perpetrator.

Then there was a revolt.

A mutiny.

The little sister was the victim.

Grandma had to snuggle her to make her feel better.

The criminal was punished and then it was over.

Oh wait! Not over yet...

Ok now its over!


  1. How absolutely fun, fun, fun! Full of love and beautiful pictures to boot. Loved the balloon bonanza - vicariously. My kids would have soooo wanted this. And, we would have had one, too - with a little sister to "pile on". :) Continue with your wonderful summer and thank you for blogging it!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks for the sweet words! Oh yes the balloon bonanza is awesome and so worth it after last summers swollen and cut fingers from tying water balloons for hours! I hope you have a wonderful summer as well! All the best to you and your family!