Friday, July 10, 2015

Special Delivery

So I was pretty excited when after my post last month, Thredup asked me to work with them!

I wanted to get a head start on Archie's back to school shopping for First Grade because he has grown so much in the past month alone! Also because I will be pretty busy the rest of the month moving into the new house!

When I placed my order at Thredup, I felt like I got an awesome deal. I ordered 3 flannel button up shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, two long sleeve t-shirts, two short sleeve shirts, two button-up shirts (non-flannel), one sweater and one pair of shoes. This is 14 articles of clothing. The brands? Gap Kids, Peek (my favorite), Crewcuts (J-crew for kids), Splendid, Tom's Shoes, Old Navy, Land's End and Kitestrings.

The cost... $150 for everything! Plus I had a $50 credit on account from clothes I had previously sold to Thredup, plus the small monthly credit they now give me, so it was a steal!

Last year we spent at least $400 shopping for school clothes and its not like we're big spenders. Clothes are just so ridiculously expensive these days, it used to make me want to cry. This is why I am so ecstatic about Thredup!

But you never know what you are gonna get until the package comes right? 

And it came today!!! Since its technically Archie's box, he got to open it.

After all of the poppers in the box were popped, Archie ripped the wrapping paper out and we got to look inside.

The first shirt he tried on was sort of a thermal jammies type shirt. One we'd put under another shirt. I got it because it has little Texi's on it.

I like how Texi is in the background here and Archie is wearing the Texi shirt :)

Then there were the flannels.

They all fit,

were very soft,

looked perfectly new,

and even smelled good! 

The shorts all fit well,

none of them squeezed his tummy which he hates,

he also couldn't pop the buttons open but puffing out his belly which is also a good thing :)

The button up shirts all looked great.

They all looked just as they had in the pictures online.

There was one in the mix that was the wrong size, but you'll see what we did with it later :)

These shoes were the big test. I'm guessing most moms get pretty tired of trying to squeeze shoes onto limp feet in the mad rush to get ready for school in the morning. What would a good mom do to solve this problem one might ask? Teach the kid to tie their own shoes of course! Any good mother would say that!

Not me. I just get velcro shoes.

So, I love this sweater. Dallas thinks this style is nerdy. I kinda like nerdy. Nerds are bookworms, Scientists and Professors. Archibald Morgan Hill is a professor name if I ever heard one.

Anything that makes my child more Harry Potterish is great for me. Although, in reality he basically looks exactly like Malfoy.

Here's the haul!

I love it all! Money well spent on a necessity at less than half the usual price.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. This is Teddy. The first Teddy Bear I ever knit for Archie. He's a little ragged. But his new shirt breathed a new, more stylish, life into him. Teddy's lookin' good! It cost me $9, its a Peek Shirt. I can't decide if I should keep it for Teddy, or return it lol.

Its nice to be able to get my son the clothes he needs, without that horrible gut dropping feeling of spending too much. Instead, I get what I need and feel good about it after because I know I'm doing something good by re-using.


  1. I had not heard of Thredup before!!! Just joined the site... how cool!!!! Archie's clothes are really cute, he'll be the best dressed 1st grader I bet!!! :-)

    1. Aw thanks Lili! Yes they have great stuff for women too! Some cute purses that I have my eye on :)

  2. That's awesome Jenna! Archie looks great in his new clothes. Such good deals! 💙

  3. I love that you can get your boys to wear those types of shirts. Mine really only want to wear t-shirts. When Shane was younger I could get him to wear button-ups and flannels, but not anymore. Jack refuses too. I have some really cute ones that I've saved from when Shane was younger, and Jack won't wear them. Maybe I'll check out Thredup. :)

    1. Archie really only wears the flannels on top of other t-shirts and only when its freezing outside lol.
      At his Kindergarten graduation they told us to dress them up and I realized I didn't have a single button up shirt for him and so after that I figured maybe I should have a few on hand just in case :)
      The truth is that Archie is a nudist. He throws his clothes off the second he gets home as if they have been strangling him all day!

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