Friday, August 28, 2015

Rare Fruits

The other day after we picked up Arch from school, we headed straight to the rare fruit nursery. We were all excited to see this place that was just five minutes away from our house.

It was much bigger than we had imagined and quite overgrown which gave it more of a mysterious and enchanted feel. We had to duck to get through many of the passageways. It was a bit of an adventure.

We found lots of rare fruits, many that we hadn't seen before. We got to sample a few. My favorite was the White Sapote. I'd never tried it before and it was delicious!!

 Archie found some Pears that were really great too. They had a few pomegranate varieties that will grow well in our area which we want to get as soon as we have our orchard in order.

They had dragon fruit, passionfruit, different sorts of melons and mangos the majority of which I had never heard of or seen before.

We saw some enormous, fuzzy and varied leaves that were all so different from one another and so beautiful in their individuality.


Its amazing how many beautiful things you can find right around your area when you are looking for them! 

There is a cactus nursery nearby which we will have to check out next!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Garden Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl who called herself Garden Girl.

She liked pretty pink and purple flowers and wanted to grow lots and lots of them.

The only problem was that when she saw dirt, she would point her finger at it and say, "Gross!"

One day she and her Mommy decided to go get some flowers to plant in their planter because the pumpkin patch they planted there a few weeks before was a bust because of the evil squirrels who like to eat little seedlings or better yet, swipe them out of the ground so that they die, but not even eat them.

Mommy showed her that in order for pretty flowers to grow, the dirt supplied magical ingredients which would make them big, pretty and strong.

At first the little girl said it was too hot outside and instead of backfilling the plant they had just put in the ground, she would just throw a handful of dirt in its general direction.

But slowly and with patience (mostly on the part of her wonderful and very very beautiful mother), she started to be gentle and even chose special spots in the ground so the pretty flowers could live next to their friends.

She would set them down gently and once they were in the ground she would say, "There ya go!" and whisper sweet nothings to them and even watered them with her very drought friendly watering can.

In the end her mommy was so proud of how far she had come and told her so.

To that the little girl said, "I guess I really am Garden Girl!".

P.S. The little blue cotton dress by Ralph Lauren that Garden Girl is wearing was bought secondhand at a steal from Thredup!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Hobbies

I've recently been on a mission to try some new hobbies, just little things that challenge me and that add spice to my life.

One of my most recent hobbies has been puzzles.

I like this one because I can share it with my kids. They love it too.

My personal key to fulfilling puzzle building is to not buy ugly puzzles! lol.

I try to search for puzzles that I think are really beautiful and then I enjoy putting them together and could even frame them in the end if I wanted to.

I've also been surprised to find that Winnie is the fellow puzzle builder in the family where Archie doesn't really like them so much.  I'd have thought it'd be the other way around.

Another hobby that I've been doing lately with Archie, is rare fruit finding and tasting. I love how fearless he is with tasting things. There have been a few duds, one being the Kiwano and a few favorite finds! 

Have you heard of Witch Finger grapes? They are kind of the greatest thing ever! They are just the perfect size. Frozen grapes have always been amazing but are a little hard to eat because of their size, shape and (when the kids were littler) the chokability factor.

These Witches Fingers are AMAZING frozen. Seriously just as good as an Otter pops and surely healthier!

Dragon fruit was amazing. I think I liked this one more than Arch.

There is a rare fruit nursery just down the road that I am thinking about paying a visit too!

In line with wanting to try new fun things, I've been wanting to challenge myself to get into some sports (both to stay fit and for the fun and challenge of it) starting small though. Thanks to my friend Kelly, I found recently that I really like Smashball. Ok its more of a hobby than a sport but when you are horrible at it you constantly have to chase the ball- so that is cardio right!?

At first I was so awful at it that we had to ban the use of the word sorry because I was saying it every second.  But as we stuck with it, I learned to calm down and not just react/spaz and shoot the ball a million miles away. I had to contain myself and I got better and better. Don't get me wrong I'm still horrible at it, but I enjoy it and I feel like it's almost an exercise in control which is something new for me.

I never want to feel limited by pegging myself into the category of non-sporty, crafty artistic type person. I enjoy doing other things too and want to make sure I take the time to try them and inspire my kids to do so as well. I also hope that doing these little hobbies with the kids is building little traditions that will carry us through to their adulthood. Something we both will always remember and still have in common when they are all grown up!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School, Girly Time & Other Fun Stuff!

Leading up to Archie's first day of school, I was feeling a little sad and guilty. Poor guy, he has to be slaving away at school while me and Winnie play all day. 

Displaying IMG_7999.JPG

The morning of, he told me he was a little nervous.

When we got to his school, I had a good feeling about it. Even though we had been there before, there was a nice fresh scent in the air from the beautiful trees that surround the area, there were lots of little families there and cute kiddos in their special first day of school outfits.

Archie is now the shortest person in his class (previously he was the tallest) and he immediately went onto the playground to play. This playground was bigger than the last one and not so concrete.

When I went to pick him up, it felt like he'd been gone forever. Still feeling guilty over him having to be in school and us playing, I asked him how his first day was.

"It was fun! Way more funner than Kindergarten!"

"Oh, wow, awesome!" "Did you make any friends?"

"Yes one named Zack and he is real and one named Wilbur and he is imaginary!"

"Alrighty then!"

And with that my sadness disappeared. The following two days he has been happy as a clam!

And unencumbered by guilt, Winnie and I went out and enjoyed ice-cream together,

picked some flowers, 

stopped at the bookstore to get a present for cousin Calli for her birthday, 

and opened her new box from Thredup.

(and loved everything in it!!)

As much as I miss my handsome little dude, I'm glad he's having a good time and making new friends and I do cherish my one on one time with my baby girl!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah

This weekend was the last beach camping trip of the summer. One last chance to be together all day and play before going back to the daily grind of school and everything that comes with it.

I feel like we did a good job of savoring the moment and making the most out of it.

We were in good company with yummy food, blue skies, glittering golden sand and warm water.


It was a hot weekend, but we kept cool in the water and with some shaved ice and yummy drink concoctions.


These two gals finally got brave (or hot) and splashed it up in the baby waves. When they weren't arguing over which of them was Elsa, they were wearing pink high heels in the dirt, coloring, singing songs and bossing their brothers around.


The boys body surfed, karate chopped and boogie boarded these waves non-stop.

When it got too hot there were puzzles, Jenga, good music and Smashball which I am really horrible at, but am also kind of in love with now!

It was summer's last hurrah. But it doesn't mean summer is over, it just means we won't be able to enjoy it quite as freely, but we will still enjoy it in other ways. 

I feel comforted by the fact that we didn't waste a minute of it! It was a packed summer spent with parties, festivals, family, friends and loved ones. What more could we ask for.