Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School, Girly Time & Other Fun Stuff!

Leading up to Archie's first day of school, I was feeling a little sad and guilty. Poor guy, he has to be slaving away at school while me and Winnie play all day. 

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The morning of, he told me he was a little nervous.

When we got to his school, I had a good feeling about it. Even though we had been there before, there was a nice fresh scent in the air from the beautiful trees that surround the area, there were lots of little families there and cute kiddos in their special first day of school outfits.

Archie is now the shortest person in his class (previously he was the tallest) and he immediately went onto the playground to play. This playground was bigger than the last one and not so concrete.

When I went to pick him up, it felt like he'd been gone forever. Still feeling guilty over him having to be in school and us playing, I asked him how his first day was.

"It was fun! Way more funner than Kindergarten!"

"Oh, wow, awesome!" "Did you make any friends?"

"Yes one named Zack and he is real and one named Wilbur and he is imaginary!"

"Alrighty then!"

And with that my sadness disappeared. The following two days he has been happy as a clam!

And unencumbered by guilt, Winnie and I went out and enjoyed ice-cream together,

picked some flowers, 

stopped at the bookstore to get a present for cousin Calli for her birthday, 

and opened her new box from Thredup.

(and loved everything in it!!)

As much as I miss my handsome little dude, I'm glad he's having a good time and making new friends and I do cherish my one on one time with my baby girl!

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