Monday, August 3, 2015

French Bakeries & Country Feed Stores

The other day the kids and I went to check out a cafe in our (new) local area. I really didn't feel like making breakfast and I had promised Archie a treat if he put himself to bed and stayed in his bed the whole night. Bribery is just how I roll.

So we went to this French Bakery that's about 5 minutes from our house.  Its not much to look at, but the people were awesomely friendly and wonderful with the kids. They had the yummiest looking pastries and I am set on trying each and every one slowly but surely!

Winnie likes to make choo choo trains out of the sugar packets or little jellies or butters depending on what they have on the table :)

This isn't the greatest pic, but I like the impressionistic colors.


Those cream puffs have been in my dreams!

Archie is eating all of his food before his pancake!

This is my eggs benedict. Delish!

Winnie wanted to put her own syrup on her pancakes.

We were all so full after eating but we got a few heart shaped pastries for later.

Then we headed down the street to our local feed store because the chicken coop is our new project and we wanted to get a list of everything we needed and to check out what kind of chickens they had for us!

We saw all sorts of baby birdies, but these little duckies stole our hearts.

They even had white peacocks.

This dude with a crazy mowhawk was pretty cool looking!

Winnie loved watching the rooster "cockadoodledoo".

Then we went home and looked at our chicken coop. We have a lot of work to do. So this is the before picture.

Stay tuned for our renovated chicken coop in the next few weeks :)


  1. Jenna, you and your children are so dang cute. I love your little outings and fun projects. Can't wait to see how you guys fix up the chicken coop.....I'm sure it will be totally awesome!!! 😃

    1. Thanks so much Lori for your sweet words. I appreciate you stopping by :) I'm excited for the coop too!! hugs.