Thursday, August 27, 2015

Garden Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl who called herself Garden Girl.

She liked pretty pink and purple flowers and wanted to grow lots and lots of them.

The only problem was that when she saw dirt, she would point her finger at it and say, "Gross!"

One day she and her Mommy decided to go get some flowers to plant in their planter because the pumpkin patch they planted there a few weeks before was a bust because of the evil squirrels who like to eat little seedlings or better yet, swipe them out of the ground so that they die, but not even eat them.

Mommy showed her that in order for pretty flowers to grow, the dirt supplied magical ingredients which would make them big, pretty and strong.

At first the little girl said it was too hot outside and instead of backfilling the plant they had just put in the ground, she would just throw a handful of dirt in its general direction.

But slowly and with patience (mostly on the part of her wonderful and very very beautiful mother), she started to be gentle and even chose special spots in the ground so the pretty flowers could live next to their friends.

She would set them down gently and once they were in the ground she would say, "There ya go!" and whisper sweet nothings to them and even watered them with her very drought friendly watering can.

In the end her mommy was so proud of how far she had come and told her so.

To that the little girl said, "I guess I really am Garden Girl!".

P.S. The little blue cotton dress by Ralph Lauren that Garden Girl is wearing was bought secondhand at a steal from Thredup!