Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting Ready for First Grade

In just a few days Archie will be starting First Grade. In the old house, he never really had a designated space to do his homework so we were always piling up papers in a corner and shoving things to the side to make room for him. We were constantly looking for the lost pencil or colored crayons which seemed to disappear into invisible black holes that must have been aplenty in the old house.

I wanted to give him his own space in his new room so it wouldn't be such an ordeal to do homework and he could have his own special place that his little sister (aka invisible black hole) isn't allowed to steal things from.

I chose this corner of the room because there really wasn't anything else there!

This rug from Target was the perfect size and helps to give the space some definition as well as pattern and texture!

My mom and I found this little desk and chair at the Carlsbad Antique Mall back in May for just $85. I've been saving it ever since for just the right moment! It fits perfectly into this little corner.

I wanted to make sure he had everything he would need so I decked it out with lots of erasers and pencils. These two little froggies Daddy brought home for him from Brazil make a cute little pencil holder.

I added a wire wastebasket.

He has his own ruler and scissors as well as colored pencils and we can never have enough glue sticks because they always seem to get lost!

His Hulk piggy bank goes here because he likes to count his money often and I figure that its good math homework right?

Dallas put in a little shelf where we could put his encyclopedias. I remember growing up, feeling like the World Book Encyclopedia knew everything. Now we have the internet and many of those old encyclopedias are outdated and cost up to $1000 for a set! We love these Usborne ones, my Dad has bought him a variety of them over the years and they explain things so well and are very nicely illustrated.

He has a LOT more books than this, but the other ones will go in the library. These are just the ones that will mostly relate to his school work.

I decorated with the old oil lamp and this globe my mom bought him and the wood blocks.

Vintage globes are my favorite and we do have one in his room, but its nice to have a modern one that is accurate (no U.S.S.R) and this one lights up and shows the various native animals.

One of my favorite quotes from Dr.Suess that is so applicable to Archie's one of a kind personality.

This embroidery which has a similar message.

We found this moose hook last week at Urban Barn and it is perfect for hanging up his backpack which would previously be thrown on the floor :)

He picked out his First Grade backpack from Nixon months ago and has been waiting patiently to use it.

I painted this sun a while back on some pallet wood and found this paper mache Tiger head in a thrift shop for $4. I made a little felt garland to add some more color because I couldn't resist :)

And here it is!

Everything he needs all in one compact little space!

With his back to school clothes from Thredup and now a homework space, he is all ready for his first week back to school! 

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