Monday, August 10, 2015

Gypsy Wagons & Antique Stores

On Friday my mom took the day off work so she could spend some extra special time with Arch (and us) before he went back to school on the 17th.

After a quick breakfast at our favorite French Bakery Cafe, we went to Myrtle Berry Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery. Its one of our favorite places because its just so pretty there and a great place to get landscape inspiration for my yard!

Check out this cute little gypsy wagon.

Tree nurseries just happen to be on my list of favorite things along with sweaters, tea, chocolate, wood burning fires, books and flowers.

This is a little bridge in their Wild Bird Sanctuary which is filled with cute bird houses and little birdies singing to their heart's content while zooming from tree to tree.

This is Beau the cat. Winnie loves cats. She followed him around for a while.

This little honey bee is working away. Can you find him?

Winnie loved this pretty mosaic.

Lots of gorgeous fountains and water features everywhere.

Lush green landscape everywhere.

Winnie made this gazebo into her princess house.

We played "princesses".

We found our favorite fallen log and Archie was Tarzan.

Winnie said she wasn't a princess anymore because she was Jane.

Beautiful antique pieces everywhere.

This climbing jasmine teepee was dreamy with the sun shining through the top.

Inside at the cafe where they serve the most delicious myrtle berry pie!

They actually have a little cafe where you can order your food and they'll give it to you in a picnic basket with a blanket so you can go enjoy it outside on the grass.

 The kids loved rolling around in the grass!

They have all sorts of wind chimes everywhere. These ones were huge though!

Beautiful flowers! So many other things that I didn't photograph such as little fairy gardens everywhere, a gorgeous farm store, a water wheel! This is the stuff of fairy tales and its only 20 minutes from our new house!

When we were done there we went to the Hawthorne Country Feed Store in Escondido where we saw cute little bright yellow puffs of baby chicks,

 and pet the goats.

The kids also picked out some seeds that grandma bought for them. I love the seed packet art.

Then we went to Urban Barn which is the best antique store in all the land! Winnie and Archie both love antique stores because it is a wonderland of treasures to them. Unfortunately this means they also pick everything up, making me have a small heart attack every 20 seconds.

Plus they have cookies!

The whole place is so inspiring! We just got a few very tiny things that we are saving for a project later.

It was a special day and I feel freshly inspired with how to fix up and decorate my new house and yard!


  1. You are such a good photographer. Felt like I was there!

    1. Thanks Amy!! I hope you are enjoying your new place! Its looks amazing! xoxo

  2. Totally random, but do you have any idea what that round stacked container holding the cookie might be called? I've been looking for something me! Thanks for this glimpse into a sweet day!

    1. Hiya! Hmm, I'm not sure. Its like a tiered cake/cupcake stand. These are some cute ones . Thanks for visiting!!