Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Hobbies

I've recently been on a mission to try some new hobbies, just little things that challenge me and that add spice to my life.

One of my most recent hobbies has been puzzles.

I like this one because I can share it with my kids. They love it too.

My personal key to fulfilling puzzle building is to not buy ugly puzzles! lol.

I try to search for puzzles that I think are really beautiful and then I enjoy putting them together and could even frame them in the end if I wanted to.

I've also been surprised to find that Winnie is the fellow puzzle builder in the family where Archie doesn't really like them so much.  I'd have thought it'd be the other way around.

Another hobby that I've been doing lately with Archie, is rare fruit finding and tasting. I love how fearless he is with tasting things. There have been a few duds, one being the Kiwano and a few favorite finds! 

Have you heard of Witch Finger grapes? They are kind of the greatest thing ever! They are just the perfect size. Frozen grapes have always been amazing but are a little hard to eat because of their size, shape and (when the kids were littler) the chokability factor.

These Witches Fingers are AMAZING frozen. Seriously just as good as an Otter pops and surely healthier!

Dragon fruit was amazing. I think I liked this one more than Arch.

There is a rare fruit nursery just down the road that I am thinking about paying a visit too!

In line with wanting to try new fun things, I've been wanting to challenge myself to get into some sports (both to stay fit and for the fun and challenge of it) starting small though. Thanks to my friend Kelly, I found recently that I really like Smashball. Ok its more of a hobby than a sport but when you are horrible at it you constantly have to chase the ball- so that is cardio right!?

At first I was so awful at it that we had to ban the use of the word sorry because I was saying it every second.  But as we stuck with it, I learned to calm down and not just react/spaz and shoot the ball a million miles away. I had to contain myself and I got better and better. Don't get me wrong I'm still horrible at it, but I enjoy it and I feel like it's almost an exercise in control which is something new for me.

I never want to feel limited by pegging myself into the category of non-sporty, crafty artistic type person. I enjoy doing other things too and want to make sure I take the time to try them and inspire my kids to do so as well. I also hope that doing these little hobbies with the kids is building little traditions that will carry us through to their adulthood. Something we both will always remember and still have in common when they are all grown up!


  1. Those puzzles are so, so fun! Would you share where you found the long, underwater scene puzzle? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Thank you :) I found it here on amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00904I83S/ref=sr_ph_1?m=A910SOE1FKRQR&ie=UTF8&qid=1440527887&sr=sr-1&keywords=djeco+ocean+puzzle . I'll make a little list of some other cute ones and add it to the post in the next day or two :) Thanks for stopping by!