Thursday, August 6, 2015

Printing Photos

Prior to finding Nations Photo Lab to print my photos, I tried Target, Costco and even Walmart. Aside from me having to return several times to Target to pick up my order to find it was not ready (even though I got an email that it was ready) I wasn't impressed with the quality. The photos were grainy and color corrected and it felt like a big waste of time and money. Sorry Target -I like the rest of the store though!

Costco had much better service (and prices) but still the quality wasn't there.

When I looked around to find places to get them professionally printed, the prices were so high that it was discouraging.

I finally decided to give Nations Photo Lab a try last year and was so impressed by their quality. I ordered some very large prints at the time and the quality was fantastic. Their prices are also amazing. They are always running some sort of sale.

I ordered again this week (they were having a 40% off sale) and I just received my package today.

I got the smaller size prints this time about 11 X 14 and one set of 8 X 10.

Once again I am so impressed with their quality,

the color,

the weight of their paper, 

and the lustre finish.

They also have a very fast turnaround time!

I love that their prices and quality allow me to have these captured moments on my walls and make my house our home and fill it with beauty and joy.

I just thought I'd pass this along in case any of you mamas (or Dad's, grandparents, humans, etc) out there are looking for a quality photo printer!


  1. Mpix is awesome too....I got between the two depending on the sale :)

    1. Awesome, I checked it out. I usually use Artifact Uprising for photobooks but they are getting more and more expensive. The photobooks at mpix look great :)