Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Last Two Weeks of Summer!!

I realized that starting today, these are the last two weeks of summer before Arch has to go back to school. Now that the hardest part of moving is over, I really want to make the most of this time we have.

So today we went to the pier to play with friends and see the waves! It was a beautiful day.

They played in the playground,

played in the sand,

ate delicious fish tacos (this is seriously the best one I've ever had),

(therefore it deserves two pictures)

and got some italian ice (they had this delicious mango flavored one with a tamarind sauce and chile/lemon powder sprinkled on top... so so good!!),

and walked the pier.

Such a gorgeous view.

They gave two dollars to the guitar man and got their own song to dance too.

The view off the edge of the pier. Yikes!

Got a toy shark and a message in a bottle from the Bait shop.

The message was blank -???

When we got home, after the not so mini breakdown Winnie had when I tried to get her to clean her room, which may have included her telling me that she wasn't my baby, things calmed down after a little time out and then quiet time, we had a sunset bubble session.

This is my supersonic bubble potion which I invented (more like stole various ideas and combined them) which includes Mrs. Meyers dish soap, sugar, vegetable glycerin and water. Its the bomb!

When Win started catching bubbles with her soapy hands, Archie was so amazed that this was even possible and he said, "Mommy should we call the news!?'.

This picture is my favorite. It captures Archie's wonder and joy and Winnie's excitement (so I had to show it in color too :). When I showed the picture to Arch he said, "It looks like I made bubbles like Elsa makes ice. "


Bubbles are pretty magical, especially in the sunset when they capture the rainbow...

...and you can pop them with your tongue!

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