Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trunchbull Chocolate Cake

In the last few weeks, I have managed to get Archie hooked on audible. I credit this success 100% to Mr. Roald Dahl. I never read his books as a kid. Dallas's loved BFG and James and the Giant Peach, but I never listened to him because I always knew more about books than he did and so I figured they couldn't have compared to my favorite Narnia books.

But I must admit that I was completely wrong. Archie started out with The BFG and we listened to it together in the car and he listened to it sometimes at night as he went to sleep. The book is so creative with the dialogue, the things the BFG says, it's pure genius, super duper hilarious and borderline inappropriate which only serves to make it better in my view!

He is such an an inspiring writer for someone, (me) who dreams to someday write a children's book! 

On a Roald Dahl roll, one of my favorite readers suggested Matilda. So we started it and I am obsessed with it...oh and Archie likes it too!

Ok so Ms. Trunchbull is the big villain and she is pretty awful. She is the Headmistress at Matilda's school, but as a character oh my goodness she is gold!

She has some of the best/worst, super not-appropriate insults ever in a children's book. It is so wrong, it is just right.

Among the most creative/interesting/priceless/horrible are:
  • When addressing a class of 5 year olds she calls them a "worthless bunch of midgets".
  • "I don't see why young children take so long to grow up. I think they do it deliberately just to annoy me."
  • "You demented, drooling, slime-breathed little lilliputian."
  • “You ignorant little slug!" "You witless weed! You empty-headed hamster! You stupid glob of glue!”
  • "Your mummy's a TWIT!"
One of the greatest things about the Audible book is that it is read by Kate Winslet, who I adore and who surprised me by doing such a wonderful job with the various characters, voices and accents. Its one of the best readings I have heard.

Also inspired by the same wonderful reader who suggested Matilda, we decided to make a chocolate cake based on the scene from the book where the Trunchbull accuses little Bruce Bogtrotter of stealing her chocolate cake.  In the book, the Trunchbull brings little Bruce in front of the school and forces him to eat an entire chocolate cake after calling him, "This clot! This blackhead, this foul carbuncle, this poisonous pustule you see before you is none other than a disgusting criminal, a denizen of the underworld, a member of the mafia!"

We used the "Best Chocolate Cake-Ever!" recipe from Hummingbird High to make this fun chocolate cake!

I do love Bob's red mill. When I used to dream of having my own bakery and used to bake breads, cakes and pies on the side for friends and family, I would order bulk bags of flour and yeast from them. I love their company and it brings back fond memories for me.

The batter all ready to go. The recipe includes a cup of strong coffee which made my kitchen smell delicious!

One of the layers of the cake.

The delicious frosting!

This little, "denizen of the underworld" kept stealing scoops of it!

The second layer is on!!


I thought it would be fun to make a special cake topper. My Brucey didn't turn out so well after I colored it so we just used Ms. Trunchbull.

The kiddos decorated with sprinkles and voila!

It was seriously a delicious cake!!

And lots of fun to make!

And eat!!

I listened to the rest of Matilda as I washed up afterwards :)

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  1. aw.... I have some credits left on audible that I need to use up.... Matilda is what I'm going to get! thanks for the tip :)
    and that cake looks amazing - might have to try that .... ;)