Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hiking Torrey Pines

I've been meaning to post all week but haven't gotten around to it between the busted pipes and broken refrigerator and all of the other special surprises that come with homeownership.

Yesterday we decided to take a break from fixing and cleaning everything even though we weren't feeling our best. What could be more refreshing than taking a hike to one of the most beautiful places in San Diego?

We were meeting friends there, but we got a good head start because I wasn't sure if Winnie would make it up this hill, how slow we would need to go and how much carrying I would need to do and I didn't want to rush her or hold anyone up.

I also wanted to see how she did because maybe hiking could be a new fun fitness activity we could do together.

This little hiker girl was excited to get to the top of the mountain and to explore along the way.

We took little breaks in the shade for water and yogurt covered pretzels.

She kept on going!

We looked at the shapes of different trees,

ducked under fences,

and found nine different kinds of leaves. Some were pokey, some fuzzy and some fragrant, she told me all about each of them.

She made it to the top on her own two little legs (3/4 mile) and we checked out the view from the mountain. We met up with friends and then headed down the mountain toward the beach. Ironically she made me carry her down the mountain!

The rocks,


water and cliffs were so beautiful and so refreshing after the climb.

These views speak for themselves.

We thought these seaweed bulb thingies looked a little bit like mermaids.

It was a good day. It helped to get us out of our fog and we are pretty lucky to live in this beautiful place.

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