Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Old Records

About a year ago now, we bought a record player. It was around Christmas time and old records, cold weather and the holiday season just go together.

But records are still pretty cool even when it isn't holiday season. I don't collect cool rare classics or whatever it is that real record collectors do. I collect fun kid's records.

I've found a lot at the various local swap meets, such as The Sound of Music. I hunted for it for quite a while and I had to dig through a LOT of Barry Manilow records to find it! This one was $2 and sounds beautiful!

Some have been given to me, this awesome Charlie Brown and Puff the Magic Dragon (which is the kids favorite) was given to me by my cousin Audra last Christmas.

Last week, Dallas's mom told me she was cleaning out some boxes and that she had something for me and I was a little worried about what it was, but when she pulled out this Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and Bambi records I was so excited!

Me and Win listened to the Jungle Book right away. Its like an Audiobook and has all the songs and is so much fun!

Many of the records have beautiful little booklets that go with them with awesome pictures.

Some are in better shape than others, but all are pretty special.

Winnie's favorite record is actually this Nutcracker Tchaikovsky one. Who would have thought? I almost got rid of it and then I played it one day and it was so much fun and when Winnie does a Ballerina show, this is the music she always uses.

I haven't done any record hunting lately, but going through these ones today with the new ones from Dallas's mom, made me remember how much fun it is!

Now I can't get out of my head the one time I saw a Velveteen Rabbit record at the swap meet and I didn't get it!!!

I would die if I found a Mary Poppins or The Wizard of Oz!

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