Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I may have already mentioned this but I'm not really a very good gym person. I don't know how to use all those machines and I'm so bad at Zumba that the people around me always take pity and start trying to help me (which is without question the most fruitless endeavor there ever was or will be).

Also Winnie is not a very good gym daycare person and may or may not have projectile vomited on the staff two out of the three times she was there. So after many attempts gone wrong and many instances of being billed per month by a gym I can never make it too, (but signed up for so my brother could talk to a pretty girl), I decided that the gym isn't really for us.

But I do want to be healthy, energetic and strong and set a good example of healthy life habits for my kids. I've also read a lot about how getting outside and exerting yourself can help to reduce anxiety.

So lately I decided to try some hiking. Well really its more like walking, but since Winnie is on my back (all 35lbs), I'm getting some good exercise. 

Its nice to explore the world together and for us to both take the time to just look around outside.

To listen to the birds and the wind and just be in the moment.

We've only gone twice this week, but we want to bump it up to at least three days a week.

We've been to this trail before and Winnie loves to feed the ducks after the walk.

This guy got pretty close.

Its nice to discover new trails in the area. This one goes behind Archie's school and is actually really beautiful with lots of pepper trees shading the path.

We saw this enormous spider web and spider. Look closely.

This is our shadow which I thought was cute because Win looks like a little Koala :)

We saw lots of different colors,


and flowers.

There are some other local trails that I've heard great things about that I'm excited to try out maybe next week!

With the air being a little more crisp and cool in the Fall, it is the perfect time to start up this new healthy hobby!

Lets hope we can stick with it!