Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kitchen Hutch & Mural

I've been working on little bits of decorating the house here and there. Sometimes it feels like everything I really want to do will cost me a million dollars which is defeating and then I realize there are plenty of things I can do that won't cost a thing. 

I have dreamt of having walls that I could wallpaper or better yet paint on. Since we moved in I knew I wanted to paint something behind the kitchen hutch and finally decided on a citrus pattern and there was nothing stopping me from going for it.

I started out drawing with a pencil.

I did lemons, oranges and citrus blooms because I think they are so California and so suitable to the style of our house.

I slowly colored them by painting them one leaf at a time while I listened to Audible.

I should mention some of my favorite books for October and Halloween season are, The Girl With All The Gifts, A Discovery of Witches and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. All just fun fiction that run the gamut of zombies, witches and vampires that I really enjoyed!

When I was finished with the mural I realized that the pink kitchen hutch that looked wonderful on my dark wood floors in the old house, clashed with the terracotta tiles in the new house and needed a new color that wouldn't overshadow my colorful dishes and would let them shine.

I actually mixed together two matte paints I had in the shed to make this grey color :) Matte paint is my favorite!

I like the look of stacked dishes on display. I feel like it gives a little bit of a magical Weasley house vibe. 

I decided to go with a neutral color and some natural elements. I sanded down the shelves and drawers to the hardwood underneath giving it more of a neutral farmhouse look. I stained and sealed the wood.

I had these random knobs laying around from random projects I started. They are a bit hodgepodge but are also kind of eccentric and beautiful which I like. I may replace them later, but for now I wanted to use what I had. 

Previously I had used this hutch for more of display of little jars, paper straws and other things I never really used but just looked cute. Now that we have a much smaller kitchen, I will actually be using it to store our dishes. 

The thought has crossed my mind, "What will I do with the ugly dishes?" now that they will all be out on display. I realized I can keep some more kid friendly ones in the cabinet below. The others? ... well they don't bring me joy (ala The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up) and so I don't really think I need ugly dishes in my life anymore. Its a good opportunity to declutter and get rid of excessive stuff that doesn't really brighten my day.

 I think these random cake stands and decanters look pretty up here.

And here is the final result! The mural and the hutch together! 

You can see the mural goes around the archway here (and can also see my art room is a huge mess!!) which I think makes it a cute accent wall. 

I know I will add more little details, things like plate stands or ornaments to this hutch over time, but I like the fact that I was able to complete the new look without spending any money. 

Lets see what else I can get done around here!

P.S.  A little tip I learned from my Aunt Lulu, if you are ever looking for cheap paint to do a small project like this, often at Lowes or Home Depot or other such stores, check if they have any "Oops" paint. They will often have a gallon or a quart of paint that they'll sell for $2-5 because the color didn't turn out right for someone else but may work for your project :)


  1. I think I need to check out the audible books you mentioned.... witches, zombies, vampires? totally up my street... :)
    love your creativity - murals/wall paintings are such a great idea, but painting walls is SUCH a hassle here in rented appartments.... *sigh*..... (has to be the same as when you moved in, aka white usually, when you move out, blahblahblah....)

    1. Thanks so much <3 <3
      Yeah I think you get a free trial with audible where you can get a free book to try it out. I think the Girl with all The Gifts is prob my fav out of the 3.

    2. I've been a while on audible already - so no more free trial for me I think - but I haven't logged in for a while, I still should have some credits ;)

    3. Well hopefully you have a build up of credits! What a nice surprise that would be. I count the days until my next credit!

  2. that looks absolutely lovely! and I love special knobs! I've been replacing the *usual* ones on our IKEA furniture with special ones that I gather when I'm on holiday or whatever shop I found them in.
    They make such a difference, are cute and cheerful, too. :)
    As for painting walls... what nurdhegilwen said... I remember when we moved into the rented apartment I live in now (which happened early this year), the previous tenant had painted one wall a dark-ish golden yellow. And they had it repainted white as that is what it had to be when they left the apartment again. Now when you "return" the apartment and hand it over to the next tenant, the apartment gets always controlled if everything's ok etc. Which is fair enough. But considering painting, that's always a problem. It hadn't been painted well enough, so the owners decided a repaint was required and the former tenant had to pay for that. So yeah... that's why usually people don't repaint walls at all, because it always causes problems one way or another and at the hand over the latest. Which is a pity. Because I like a bit of colour on the walls. Or as you painted, something this special.

    1. Totally, we have that here too :( We had to repaint the walls when we moved out of the last house and patch holes from picture frames, etc.
      New knobs are so much fun! They bring a little pop of color and joy into the furniture!!
      <3 <3