Friday, October 16, 2015

Nature Masks

Yesterday we spontaneously decided to make some cool nature masks. I'd seen these amazing ones from Mer Mag Blog over the weekend and put it on my to do list for the week!

First step was to pick the different size and shapes of leaves that we would need. 

I was also pretty excited that Win was finally able to fit into this dress I made for her over a year ago!!

We picked some flower petals as well to add in some pretty spots of color.

We just because we didn't want to ruin our Morning Glories!

We grabbed a few Bougainvillea petals.

With my two  little helpers our basket filled up quickly.

I found some leftover green card stock,

folded it in half and cut out a mask. I just winged it, (wung it?) I fitted it on their faces and cut the eye holes bigger as needed.

I glued the leaves onto the mask symmetrically.

It would have been a tad easier with some smaller leaves to cover the bits around the eye holes, but we got creative and borrowed a few petals from Miss Zinnia here.

For a head strap, I punched a small hole on either side of the mask and tied in some yarn on either side. Voila! Winnie's mask was finished.

We did another leaf/flower collection for Archie's mask because we wanted to make his more boyish and had some cool ideas!

We found some yellow fallen leaves in the front yard and some little red seeds from our coral tree.

Once again I glued everything symmetrically onto the mask.

Archie's mask turned out pretty cool I think!


And here is Win's!!!

She kept calling herself a jungle explorer but was frustrated because she couldn't say the word "explorer" so Archie called her Princess Tigerlilly from Peter Pan.

One of my favorite things about these masks is that they only last a day or two. I'm always making new things and I get tired of them piling up. The fact that they only last a day or two makes them more special.

The kiddos loved them and I loved making them and definitely want to make more in the future! I'm already thinking of the different types of leaves and flowers we could use!


  1. Such a wonderful idea! They came out beautiful!

  2. Awhhh they look very cute ..inspirational idea...they are so lucky to have a mom like you..xo

    1. You are too sweet :) I actually got the idea from mermagblog, they have the cutest craftt ideas ever. She is so so creative!

  3. Awhhh they look very cute ..inspirational idea...they are so lucky to have a mom like you..xo