Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Fall Look

I wanted to change up the header on my blog to reflect the change in seasons. Its nice to change things up now and then to keep it looking fresh, fun and to celebrate the moment!

I asked the amazing Sonia Cavalinni, a French artist I found on Etsy (who did my first header) to help me with this. I was so happy when she said yes!

Once again her talent has exceeded my expectations. You can see the new Fall header above. I'm in love with the little red breasted birdies, the mushrooms, knitting needles and all of the beautiful botanical elements!

I originally found her on Etsy through this piece of art that I instantly fell in love with.

These three pieces would be so amazing together for a whimsical little girls room.

She also has some cute smaller items such as gift tags

gorgeous notebooks and she even does custom art.

You can check out her sweet little shop here.

Working with handmade artisans like Sonia to make something beautiful is so fulfilling to me. It almost feels like old school business. There are no forms for me to fill out, there are no templates to choose from. I tell her, person to person,  what I am looking for, she has her artistic input and then she sits down and paints a picture just for me and its beautiful.

It makes me feel special and it makes my blog one of a kind which is exactly what I want it to be.

Thank you Sonia!!


  1. lovely! I had wondered if you'd drawn your original heading yourself ;)

    1. Thank you!! I thought about it but I need more practice :)

  2. absolutely lovely :D I love unique and whimsical art and this is so perfect for autumn (and the animal ones are cute, and oh my, the journals!). :D

    1. She is so talented and a really sweet person to boot!