Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Fun!

Just thought I'd share some recent pics of things we have enjoyed recently!

I knitted some leg warmers and I'm already working on my second pair.

Dance classes.

Cinnamon buns and breakfast with Grandma Gail.

Fabric shopping for Win's Elsa costume for Halloween with Grandma Gail.

Some pretty Elsa dress fabric.

Grandma Gail is the costume maker of the family. With seven grandkids, Haloween is a pretty busy time for her!

Lunch with Daddy. Winnie told him the other day, "Daddy that hair all over you makes you look like a dog." So sweet.

Making yummy blueberry banana bread!

Pumpkin carving with Grandma Bitty!

Daddy too!

Arch wanted a Charlie Brown pumpkin, not sure what that means but he said this was right.

Winnie wanted a kitty cat but was pissed off the whole time we were carving pumpkins.

We're listening to lots of books, doing lots of laundry, trying lots of different kinds of squash, enjoying some slightly cooler fall weather and occasionally wearing sweaters in the evenings even though it is totally unnecessary.

I'm excited about the fun stuff that I plan to share on the blog this week.

Wishing you all a Happy Monday!

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