Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome Fall

Yesterday we were ready to welcome the Fall and everything that comes with it and so we took the kids to a beautiful local farm where they had a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, pony rides and all the works! Grandma came along too after having a sleepover at our house to make the trip even more fun!

This cute little piggy's name is Wilbur.

They even had a sunflower patch.

We've visited a few different pumpkin patch the past few years, but this one definitely had the most awesome straw bale maze ever!

They had little maps where they had to find things in the maze which made things more fun.

The sky was gorgeous.  You could see the storm clouds over the mountains yet it would still be sunny where we were most of the time. It was raining off and on which was quite nice. It made it feel like Fall!

When a rain shower came down and the kids got soaked in the inflatable slide, which became an inflatable waterfall within a matter of seconds, we had to make our way into the farm store which happened to have huge barrels full of candy.

They got one candy from each of the barrels. Grandmas treat!

It was such a cute little store with all sorts of old-timey merchandise. 

When the downpour was over, we went back outside to splash in some puddles!

(I got her cute top and her jeans from ThredUp!)

Then we headed over to the pumpkin patch!

Daddy got the wheelbarrow so we could get a BIG pumpkin.

Its so amazing how these enormous bright orange things grow from the earth. They are so gorgeous.

We searched for the perfect one...

We found it!!

(This is what happens in photos now when I ask them to smile.)

Then we looked for a little one for Win.

She found it!

We saw so many gorgeous varieties of squash with different shapes, colors and textures.

Welcome Fall!! We're ready for you!


  1. Oh my Lord. I'm imagining all the different pumpkin pies I could make! Looks like y'all had a blast.

    I am so excited that October is here. It's my favorite month. My husband thinks I'm off my rocker, but it's like 31 days of Halloween in my house. ��

    1. My goodness, you and me are the same!!!! I am totally down with 31 days of Halloween!
      We started making some paper mache decorations today!!

  2. Oh this looks like so much funnnn! :)
    Pumpkins are wonderful! October is wonderful! Heh, I've got to say that anyway, it'll be my birthday soon enough. :D But I love the colours of autumn, including all the pumpkins and decorations we put up, even though in Switzerland things like Halloween aren't celebrated. But we decorate at home with autumn goodies anyway. Because we can. And because it's fun. :)

    1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Decorating is so much fun! You have a beautiful birth month <3 <3