Monday, November 30, 2015

The Zoo

We made a fun trip to the Zoo during the Holiday with the cousins. It was such a pretty day, nice and warm and the sun was bright. It was the day after I got home from New York, so the brightness was especially welcome!

We saw lots of Monkeys, leopards, bears,

elephants, hippos, birds, tapirs, naked mole-rats and all sorts of other animals with funky names.

These guys ran around, the girlies singing songs and the boys always involved in their zombie star wars banter.

Pretty greenery everywhere.

These two otters were so cute, they were swimming together and swimming all around each other, playing and sun bathing.

These two girlies didn't always get along, but now are becoming best buddies.


Winnie likes anything pink.

The skyfari was super fun until I realized that Archie and Joey were riding in box #13 right behind us. 

Win loves skyfari.

These two goofballs getting stepped on by the elephant.

Pretty flowers.


It was a good day!


  1. Ha - we were in San Diego Zoo this summer :) (travelled the Southwest US)

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