Monday, December 21, 2015

The Making of A Mermaid

I always love seeing the process of the handmade things I buy so I can see how much love and thought goes into each little part of it. Last week, I made some mermaid ladies for a special someone and I thought I'd share the process!

Here I've cut out the bodies out, I like to use muslin because I like the seedy, organic texture it gives.  I have embroidered their faces and am just putting all of the textures and colors together to make sure I like the balance of the components. 

I cut out the bodices from pastel colored wool felt and embroider them here. This time I decided to use ric-rac for the tails and I kind of love it!

I sewed the bodice to the body.

I wanted to add a little more detail to the tails. I like the added texture the embroidery gives it.

Here is the mer-lady inside out, pinned and ready to be sewn together!

This is the tail. You can see that I add a special backing to the fabric to make it stronger.

After I turn her right side out, I stuff them and hand sew the stuffing hole. I use merino wool roving for the hair because its softer than regular roving and has the consistency of cotton candy (and the color!). I actually sew it onto their heads with matching embroidery thread.

I actually use chalk pastels to make the little cheekies, which you can see below.

Here are the finished tails. I also stitch a little belly button but you can't see that here.

A little decorative stitch on the tails!

And here they are!


They are all ready to be loved and play their roles in a sweet little girl's wild imagination!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Photos

I feel like I should be given an award or a medal or something for getting a semi-decent photo that is even remotely usable for my holiday card.

I even decided no fancy outfits, I'm just gonna slap a beanie on Archie's wild hair.

Still, this is what I'm dealing with...

If this isn't the face of mischief itself then what is?

Okay, Okay! If you guys act normal for one second so I can take a photo, you will both get a cookie!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Favorite Gift Ideas

Who am I trying to kid ...this is really my christmas list! I thought I would share in the interest of spreading the word about some of my favorite shops and artists and to give affordable gift ideas for moms, sisters, girlfriends or wives who you might be looking for something a little different for :)

 This 2016 Starter Kit from Floret Flower Farms. I'm getting ready to start my cut flower bed this spring and this blog is so inspiring. I love everything she does.

This sweet 2016 Calendar from Oana Befort. Her art amazes me. I really want everything in her shop, but if I had to choose one thing it would be this.

This Leather Sagitta Journal from anthropologie.

These Handcrafted Accordion Baskets from anthropologie. These would be perfect for my craft room to store my yarn and roving for mermaid hair :)

Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory. I want this book. I'm obsessed with his blog. He also has an online class where he and various others teach called Sketch Book Skool which sounds so inspiring and so much fun!

Image of "Mrs. Dottie Gold" Mommy & Me Set

This Mrs. Dottie Gold Mommy & Me Camera Strap set from Bloom Theory. They also have this gorgeous one which is on sale right now.

Reusable Wooden Cake Box


This PieBox and CakeBox from PieBox. They also have an option with a leather carrying strap which is pretty cute too! As someone who loves to bake, I simply cannot tell you the woes I have experienced with having Dallas carry the cupcakes in the car that I painstakingly decorated, only to have them rolling on the car floor by the time we get to where we are going. Problem solved.

Sweet Paul Magazine #23 Holiday/Winter 2015

A One Year Subscription to Sweet Paul Magazine! I love this magazine, I love its recipes and the creative ideas. In this digital world, sometimes having a single physical food magazine subscription is a grounding guilty pleasure.

This Vegetable Garden Puzzle from anthropologie. Because puzzles are a great alternative to watching TV and something the whole family can get into and it would also be a nice piece of art once finished!

I don't have a picture or a link but another great gift idea is a fruit tree (or two or three) from a local nursery. I would love to add a pear, pomegranate or a sapote to my fruit tree bunch. Many fruit trees can be potted. If you get them when they're small, they will only set you back around $25. They are a gift that will keep on giving year after year.

All of these gifts are under $100 and so wont set you back too much!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

I've been half-heartedly doing the whole advent calendar thing for several years now. This time, I wanted to make it special because I know they will both remember this Christmas.

I gathered a bunch of little nick-knacks from the dollar section of Target and here and there. 

I decided to put little notes of sweet things they could do for others each day. At least ten times a day each of them asks me if they can get this other thing for Christmas and I felt it would be nice for them to experience the joy of giving gifts during the holidays as well.

In each package, I included a small little gift for each of them and then I added some tissue paper and confetti so there is tons of fun inside each little package! I also added a little kindness task for them to do that day. I wrote nice and clear because Archie can read them now! I'm not gonna lie, their little duties are pretty simple, ranging from drawing pictures for Daddy, to making a nice video for a friend to hugging someone they love.

I sewed up the packages. I got this idea from Mer Mag Blog. She has the cutest Star of Wonder Advent Calendar which included little positive quotations with the little gifts. I'm totally gonna do that next year!

I prefer to use plain paper for gift wrapping. Wrapping paper is so expensive and is never big enough for certain packages. I like to get a big roll and then paint or stamp designs onto it or use colorful scraps of paper for decorations.

I cut out some numbers from all of the scraps of decorative paper I have in my paper drawer.

I glued the numbers to each of the little packages :)

 Here are all 12 days! I could do 25 days, but that's 50 gifts!! Finding 24 little ones was hard enough!

Here they are under the tree all ready to go for the 12 days of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!