Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

I've been half-heartedly doing the whole advent calendar thing for several years now. This time, I wanted to make it special because I know they will both remember this Christmas.

I gathered a bunch of little nick-knacks from the dollar section of Target and here and there. 

I decided to put little notes of sweet things they could do for others each day. At least ten times a day each of them asks me if they can get this other thing for Christmas and I felt it would be nice for them to experience the joy of giving gifts during the holidays as well.

In each package, I included a small little gift for each of them and then I added some tissue paper and confetti so there is tons of fun inside each little package! I also added a little kindness task for them to do that day. I wrote nice and clear because Archie can read them now! I'm not gonna lie, their little duties are pretty simple, ranging from drawing pictures for Daddy, to making a nice video for a friend to hugging someone they love.

I sewed up the packages. I got this idea from Mer Mag Blog. She has the cutest Star of Wonder Advent Calendar which included little positive quotations with the little gifts. I'm totally gonna do that next year!

I prefer to use plain paper for gift wrapping. Wrapping paper is so expensive and is never big enough for certain packages. I like to get a big roll and then paint or stamp designs onto it or use colorful scraps of paper for decorations.

I cut out some numbers from all of the scraps of decorative paper I have in my paper drawer.

I glued the numbers to each of the little packages :)

 Here are all 12 days! I could do 25 days, but that's 50 gifts!! Finding 24 little ones was hard enough!

Here they are under the tree all ready to go for the 12 days of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Your ideas are amazing. I want you to wrap my presents. I have zero skill with this decor stuff

    1. Aw thanks for saying that! I am usually horrible at wrapping presents, but when I realized I could sew them together that was a game changer! Happy Holidays!

  2. Lovely ideas :) and you have the good luck trolls too over there - always loved them with their wild hair :D
    and absolutely loooove the new winter header!!
    enjoy the festive season <3

    1. the trooooooooooolls!!! :D I always loved them, too. :D There's a variation of them called the Zelfs (just because you need to know that LOL) - mum gave me one for luck last year. Heeheeh. It's a guardian on a book shelf now. :D

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    3. I love trolls too, they are so cute! I will totally google Zelfs right now! lol. Sonia Cavalinni did the header again. Its totally my favorite one so far! Happy Holidays to both of you!

  3. This is a lovely idea :D
    I make advent calendars for my mum and two friends, every year, and while it's a lot to gather and make, they're always fun. Shows that adults can enjoy them, too. :D I've once made one that was just little scrolls with poems, recipes, ideas etc.
    I love your idea of gift wrapping by sewing! And that looks great, too! :D
    Oh and the trolls! Now that brings back childhood memories!

    1. I totally love what you said about adults enjoying christmas too! The kids make it so special but we all need a little holiday magic, fun and surprise in our life. That's sweet that you and your mom do that!