Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Photos

I feel like I should be given an award or a medal or something for getting a semi-decent photo that is even remotely usable for my holiday card.

I even decided no fancy outfits, I'm just gonna slap a beanie on Archie's wild hair.

Still, this is what I'm dealing with...

If this isn't the face of mischief itself then what is?

Okay, Okay! If you guys act normal for one second so I can take a photo, you will both get a cookie!


  1. haha, cookie bribery always works..... :D
    cute photos though, also the ones with the funny faces :)

    1. Seriously...I don;t know where I'd be without the cookie/cake pop bribery!

    2. you know, it still works with me, too :D ;)

  2. Just finished your book. A random find thanks to cyber deals on Amazon. A thousand thoughts that I can't find words for. I'm proud of you! I followed links from your book to end me at your blog looking at pictures of your beautiful children drinking in the fullness of being kids. And tears roll. I'm not sure if they are sad or happy tears, the two have collided creating the most beautiful of mess. Well done Jenna Hill- what a courageous, spunky, loving person you were, are, and clearly continue to strive to be and spread to others. I'd just love to hug you and then cause some good mischief with you and yours. :)