Monday, December 21, 2015

The Making of A Mermaid

I always love seeing the process of the handmade things I buy so I can see how much love and thought goes into each little part of it. Last week, I made some mermaid ladies for a special someone and I thought I'd share the process!

Here I've cut out the bodies out, I like to use muslin because I like the seedy, organic texture it gives.  I have embroidered their faces and am just putting all of the textures and colors together to make sure I like the balance of the components. 

I cut out the bodices from pastel colored wool felt and embroider them here. This time I decided to use ric-rac for the tails and I kind of love it!

I sewed the bodice to the body.

I wanted to add a little more detail to the tails. I like the added texture the embroidery gives it.

Here is the mer-lady inside out, pinned and ready to be sewn together!

This is the tail. You can see that I add a special backing to the fabric to make it stronger.

After I turn her right side out, I stuff them and hand sew the stuffing hole. I use merino wool roving for the hair because its softer than regular roving and has the consistency of cotton candy (and the color!). I actually sew it onto their heads with matching embroidery thread.

I actually use chalk pastels to make the little cheekies, which you can see below.

Here are the finished tails. I also stitch a little belly button but you can't see that here.

A little decorative stitch on the tails!

And here they are!


They are all ready to be loved and play their roles in a sweet little girl's wild imagination!


  1. Ooooooh those are adorable!!! :D
    Make me want sew fabric dollies again :D

  2. Aww, this looks so cute and adorable at the same time. Perfect design of the mermaid and all the things and materials are easily available too. Thanks for the share.