Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Road Trip Day 7- Solvang/Santa Barbara

We stayed in a great hotel in Solvang called the Landsby. The rooms had some great art.

The kids played their usual death defying game of leaping between hotel room beds.

This spot on the bed had good light and so I tried to take pics of the kids there, but they had other plans.

We walked around outside smelling all of the flowers and checking out the cute shops and cafes.

Lots of bakeries.

This is how Archie eats everything because his front tooth is wiggly.

We went into a craft store and decided to do some painting.

Cute little shop.


Then we headed to state Street in Santa Barbara. They had an Old Spanish days festival going on with a parade, a market and tons of hand painted confetti eggs.

The kids had a fun time smashing the eggs onto people's heads.

Then we met Uncle Sterling in Malibu for dinner. It was the last stop on our road trip. The kids had fun acting like crazy drivers on his motorcycle.