Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Road Trip Day 2- Yosemite

We stayed in a yurt. A friend of Dallas's worked at the resort and she upgraded us to a lakeside yurt which was very special. All night we could hear the creek running.

She also left us a note with special secrets about her favorite lesser known gems in the nearby area.

We knew Yosemite was all about hiking before we went and so I wasn't sure how this would all go down with the kids. We decided to stay nearby instead of heading into Yosemite Valley that day because it was the weekend and we wanted to avoid crowds.

We started on our way to Carlon Falls with pep in our step and a pretty waterfall on the brain. 

After about 40 minutes of going down the wrong trail and some lunch we returned to the right trail a little bit deflated and worse for wear.

Thankfully there were a ton of creekside swim spots on the way which made the day. It made the otherwise tough journey more of a fun and adventurous exploration.

The water was crystal clear and cold! But it was just what we needed with this 95 degree weather!

I found a driftwood piece that looked exactly like a Star Wars gun. Archie was pretty excited about that.

There was a giant fallen tree where you could walk across the river and even jump in!  Some day when we come back I'd like to just chill on this log and read a book or something.

You could see your reflection in the water below.

There were so many gorgeous stops where the water was fresh and clear and you could see the water's wavy reflection on the rocks.

Many parts of the hike were quite steep with small ledges for paths.

On our way there, many people coming back from the falls were eager to offer friendly advice like, "Stay to the left when you see the fork in the trail," or, "Its totally worth it when you get there" which made it all the more intriguing.

In the end, we were pretty much dragging Winnie lol.

But when we got to the lowest tier of the falls she was very excited and got her energy back.

As we came closer to the top of the falls, everything became this vast rock landscape and you could tell that these falls were a whole lot bigger during other seasons.

The closer we got to the falls, the trickier the climbs became. Thankfully I (apparently) gave birth to two little mountain goats because they sure know how to climb. They both had great instincts when it came to scaling these rocks.

This is the second tier.

Archie the mountain goat.

Here were are! Without a moment's hesitation, he is in the water!

It was gorgeous and gorgeous and gorgeous.

There were these grand boulders with flat tops surrounding the rather large bowl of the waterfall and people were laying out on them like mermaids. It reminded me of the mermaid lagoon in Neverland.

Winnie dipped her little legs in the water, pretended to be a mermaid and laid out on the rocks just watching the waterfalls.

Not only were we in heaven with the beauty of these falls, but we all had a sense of accomplishment. That we had worked hard and stuck with it and then been rewarded with this beauty. We all felt it.

Archie swam all around and even went under a little ledge of the waterfall with Dallas.

He looks like a little otter when he swims on his back.

Here is Arch and I.

We stayed until we knew we would run out of sun for the hike back. We met people from so many countries, London, Germany, Mexico. They all shared where they had found secret ledges in the pool and the kids played together.

It was a good day.

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  1. Its so amazing when you can get in touch with nature. You can completely rid yourself of the taxing day to day life and let yourself go. Would love to go and stay in cottage for a few days. Could be my sweet escape