Thursday, August 11, 2016

Road Trip Day 3- Yosemite

This was our last day in Yosemite. You can see a bit of the yurt in these pics. I wanted to remember it :)

There weren't a ton of food places available or if there were it was impossible to know because there was zero cell service and wifi.  I think I'm gonna start using my GPS as a door stopper or something because that thing was the epitome of worthless when we were in the actual wilderness. It was always "locating satellites" but apparently never found them.

The sattelite on our phones was much better however, you couldn't search where to go without internet so we had to be just a little bit old school.

As a result, our breakfasts were mostly cereal cups from the only nearby country trading store which was out of eggs every day :)

Today our plan was to go into the Yosemite Valley and see what hikes we might be able to do with our sore jelly legs and Winnie's now bone-deep hatred of hiking.

It turns out, it was still pretty crowded. There was road construction to compound things so it was tough to see what was where and to get anywhere.

We decided to do Bridalveil Falls because it was a short hike and because we were on a mission to see waterfalls on this trip and this one was the biggest.


Win and I went to the viewing point and then climbed back down off the rocks and took a break white the boys climbed to the base of the falls.

There was this red sign at the base of the rocks which talked about how there had been four recent injuries because the rocks were slippery and one person had become quadripeligic and another parapelegic and the other had spinal cord and skull injuries.

It kinda freaked me out. But to Dallas this sign translated to, "This is a rainbow with a pot of gold at the other end." so Win and I just watched bluebirds and chatted with other people while they made the climb.

From there we hung out in some gorgeous meadows where you could get the whole view and picked flowers and climbed giant tree trunks.



Winnie is the queen of the world.

Now off to our next adventure. San Francisco here we come!


  1. Oooh, the photos are beautiful and that looks absolutely amazing. :)
    Yosemite was a place we learned about at primary school - I remember that because our teacher was absolutely in love with that place, had been there and was so enthusiastic and you could really see and feel that - it made for really interesting geography lessons. :D

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