Monday, August 15, 2016

Road Trip Day 4- San Francisco

When we arrived to San Francisco it was a bit of a shock. We came from somewhere that was almost a hundred degrees to somewhere that was 64 at best. We came from the wilderness and greenery to a full on city.

At first I thought we would hate it. But we wound up loving it. Not least because it was the best food we'd had in a while. The first night we got dinner and desert crepes at Honey Honey Cafe which was near our hotel and they were DELICIOUS!

Our hotel was much fancier which was a nice change but also had its drawbacks.

First thing in the morning we were headed to the Ferry Building Farmers Market. I'd heard good things.

Archie became Darth Pidgeon and chased them all.

We started off in the Subway.



We got some fresh fruit, cold brew coffee and some very beautiful Dahlias.



We thought that was all but then we went inside and found the market that everyone was talking about. So many restaurants, farm to table cafe's, bakeries, boba tea and artisan goods for sale. 


We got some yummy breakfast and took it outside to eat in the sun with a view of the water and the Bay Bridge. Unfortunately around this time I accidentally switched something on my lens accidentally turning it to manual focus and didn't realize this until hours later. As a result all of the rest of the pics from the day are blurry :(


We got some Boba Tea and went to the bookstore where I picked up Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!


I do love the raw beauty in Yosemite and the fresh air and views for miles. But nothing, nothing, will ever have my heart like a bookstore does. 

 Then it was Cable car time! The kids had so much fun giving me a heart attack and hanging off the sides -with Daddy's (dubious) protection the whole time of course. They were so much fun that we rode it all the way to the end of the tracks and then back to where we were going again. 

I really wish my camera was focused during these pics. There were so cute. Hanging off the side with views of the city behind them.

We took a little walk where we checkout out the record store.

We then went to the park which was filled with 800 homeless people so we took the subway (where we found lots of cool tile art) and then hung out at a local playground and park for a bit.

Then we headed to Pier 39 where there were a ton of beautiful views of the water, the boats and even Alcatraz. We played in a playground there, Archie handed out all of our flowers to grateful women and little girls and then we went for dinner.

The restaurant had awesome views but in the end we sat inside because it was so cold! We had to have sourdough breadbowls and clam chowder. Archie's favorite.

Then we walked the wharf for a bit, grabbed some yummy desert and  hopped back in the car for our a peek at the Golden Gate Bridge (completely shrouded in fog) and then to head down to Santa Cruz for the next day's adventures.


  1. Love the photos from the trip :) and loads of memories too.... we were in Yosemite in 2011 (mostly driving through only on our way to Mammoth Lakes and later Death Valley), but visited the sequioas at Tuolumne Grove - loved it!) The temperature shock in SF sounds very familiar too.... :) we started our trip in Chicago where we stayed a few days and it was HOT (over 90°F) - then flew to SF and it was also about 65° in SF (and of course foggy - luckily not all the time) loved SF though :) We went back on our trip last year :)

    1. Yes SF was surprisingly awesome in spite of the fog :) I didn't realize until recently how close the sequoias were when I was driving to Mammoth!