Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Road Trip Day 5- Santa Cruz

We started out our day with delicious breakfast at Linda's Seabreeze Cafe. They were super friendly and had delicious food.


For their kid's coloring menu, they had a caricature of the server, "Fabricio" and the kids had fun drawing him in all sorts of crazy ways.

Winnie seeing how much food she could stuff into her mouth at a time.

We headed to the beach boardwalk which is basically a permanant fair/canival whatever you call it, on the beach. 

It was cool to see the bright colors on the older games and rides.

The kids HAD A BLAST!

The many faces of Winnie.

Arch took his sister on all of the rides. Its cute how much she relies on him and how well he takes care of her. She is lucky to have such a great brother.

Archie and Daddy won all sorts of prizes for Winnie.

Lots of sugar and Dippin Dots were involved!

Archery and Zombie shooting.

I was worried if this ride would be too crazy for Winnie, but she LOVED it!

 Some cool views from the top of the Ferris Wheel. 

We were there for a long time!

Then we headed to Panther Beach, just to check out the view and to put our feet in the sand. 

There was a little walk to get there, through some pretty railroad tracks, flora fauna and some gorgeous views.

We are all professional hikers at this point so, this was nothing.

We found the Hole-in-the wall cliff.

I live this shot because their's are the only footprints.

The texture, color and the green on these cliffs were so beautiful with the white waves crashing up against them.

It was so beautiful and the waves were very strong.


It was a good day in Santa Cruz!


  1. Aw, what a wonderful fun day :)
    Though no panthers at panther beach? :D

    1. Ha! No panthers! I never thought to ask about that!

  2. The pictures came out really nice. Your family is beautiful and its so nice to see all of you having a great time. its fun following you guys around. Thanks for sharing your experience!