Thursday, August 25, 2016

Road Trip Day 6- Big Sur

The next day was spent driving Coast Hwy. There were tons of amazing coastline views. Some we got out of the car for and others we just enjoyed driving by.

This is McWay Falls. The typical Big Sur shot. But it really was beautiful.

I only took a million pics of this. But this one is my favorite because I think the pink flowers in the foreground add a little something special to the shot.

Big Sur is gorgeous with the ocean being just steps away from sequoias and the mountains jutting out of the ocean.

We planned a hike to Salmon Creek Falls. The trailhead was at a completely unmarked turnoff on Coast Hwy.

The hikers are back at it again.

The path was almost all enormous rocks.

A lot of it was quite steep and we had to climb on tiny ledges of giant borders.

And here she is!

So pretty and crystal clear water filled with fish. An emerald hue.

We are the waterfall explorers!

Gorgeous emerald pools reflecting the sunlight onto the rocks above.

We had to cross this jerry rig thingamajig on the way back. Dallas and I were discussing how we were gonna do this with the kids and then we turned around and Archie was already across!

This gives a good idea of the scale of these rocks.

Mission accomplished!

Back to more coastline views.


  1. That looks once again stunning! :D

  2. These pictures look absolutely stunning. I’m sure the place is even more beautiful in real life. Thank you for sharing your experience of the road trip.