Hi, I'm Jenna...

I’m a creator and artist with many interests – photography, doll making, illustration, interior design, graphic design, textile art … I could go on and on. If I can make it with my own two hands, I have to try it at least once.

I live in North San Diego County about fifteen minutes from the beach in a valley on a half-acre of land with my husband, little boy and a little girl. We have fruit trees, the beginnings of a small flower farm, and a little casita where we all live messily, but happily, together.

I was born with a love of books and an obsession for the stories and colorful illustrations held inside. I’ve loved to draw ever since I can remember.

When my son was born I learned how to sew, starting with a quilt. Quilt making eventually evolved into sewing handmade dolls with the birth of my daughter. I’m addicted to the magic that is creating something from nothing but an idea, where before there was only a bundle of fabrics or paper and pens.

My travels have inspired me and pushed the boundaries of my creativity. As a family, we’ve visited France, Spain, Portugal, London, Amsterdam, Australia, Mexico, and Poland, and traveled up and down the California coast and into the belly of this beautiful state – and we’ve lived in and visited many other US states. I’ve been so overwhelmingly impacted by these travels, the people I’ve met, the art and textiles I’ve encountered, the beauty of nature’s landscapes, and the wonder of everyday things, people, and places right here in San Diego.

My work is my own little tribute to this world, however small it may be.