Under Canvas Zion

Under Canvas Zion


Toward the end of last year sometime, when my copy of Sunset Mag arrived in the mail and I voraciously pored through it to be inspired by the eye candy of gorgeous homes, delicious recipes and most of all ideas for adventures! Every few months I crave new experiences and new places and I've found that the kids do too.


One of my favorite things about Sunset is that most of the vacation ideas are nearby, being a magazine about the West, I feel that it really highlights the beauty of my part of the world, something that in my opinion is every bit as beautiful as the cobblestone streets and cathedrals of Europe. I haven't always thought so, but the more I discover the beautiful landscapes and cultures that are nearest to me, the more I appreciate the land I live in and the home I have.

One of the features in Sunset was about a new "Glamping" places in Zion, called Under Canvas. I dog eared that page and kept it in the back of my mind.


When it came around time to plan for Spring Break, I was on the lookout for a place that was nearby, not so expensive and yet something that would deliver in the family adventure department. I thought of Under Canvas.

So we spent one of our five nights in Zion at Under Canvas and loved it.


It was pretty cold out and our tent had a wood burning stove that kept us cozy. The bed was super comfy with a Casper mattress. In the lobby tent there was live music from a super talented guitar player and singer (wish I knew his name), board games, unlimited hot chocolate and coffee and a small restaurant. Out front of the lobby tent was a bonfire with unlimited s’more supplies and some outdoor games like corn hole.


The property had some amazing views and places for kids to explore. It would definitely be fun to go back again in the summer!

Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns

Spring Break in Zion

Spring Break in Zion