Spring Break in Zion

Spring Break in Zion


This year I planned a trip to Zion National Park for Spring break after seeing a beautiful spread about it in Sunset Magazine. It did not disappoint. We were lucky enough to score a few nights at the Zion Lodge which is located inside the park. The location is unbeatable.


We stayed in a cozy cabin which had its own little fireplace. The staff were friendly and the lodge itself had little details that made it quite special such as the tables set up in the lobby where you could play board games while enjoying a view of the park and the rocking chairs set up out front so you could sit in the evenings and gaze up at the stars of which there were so many.


I'm a big time dreamer and fantasizer when planning a trip. I can get a little out of hand with my high expectations and so I try to be cautious so as to not have the actual trip be a disappointment. But from the moment we arrived in Zion the views were to die for and I was surprised to be so surprised by its beauty.


The fresh air and space for the kids to run around was just what we needed. On the way to our cabin we were greeted by several deer and every day thereafter during our stay when we returned from our hikes. One day there were more than ten deer nibbling on the grass next to our cabin.


We explored and hiked through a land that seemed as though it could have been a different world at times.  The reddish pink and tans of the dirt to the glowing green color of the water. The glistening silver of the bushes and the soft feel of the pigment rich sand of the dunes. The mounds of fuzzy multicolored moss growing on the airy scorched lava rock to the piles of crystalline blush and celadon green of the gems and rocks in the shops in town.


Everything about this place had me inspired to make art.


Speaking of art inspiration, in a few of the shops we visited there were these tiny hand pinched clay figurines with painted on faces and clothing that I just loved. They were made by Indians who collected the clay themselves before firing and painting them. They were such beautiful and loving depictions of families that I'm determined to try my own hand at it one of these days.


Some of my favorites things we did or saw while in Zion:

  • The Emerald Pools Trails (we did all of them) were gorgeous and easy enough for us and the kids to do.
  • The Pa'rus Trail. This one was beautiful and if I could do it again I would have brought our bikes or rented them in town. The trail is paved and stays pretty flat and so would be perfect for this.
  • River Rock Coffee Roasters. My cousin recommended this place. They had great coffee, an amazing view if you sit out back and TO-DIE-FOR orange cinnamon rolls. They have them every other day. The regular cinnamon rolls are pretty dang amazing too. But the orange ones were something special and I will definitely be trying to recreate them at home.
  • Ice-cream on the lawn of the Zion Lodge. Big open space for the kids to run around. Astounding views. Yummy ice-cream!
  • Zion Rock and Gem in the town right outside the park. Love me some rocks. Gorgeous rocks are souvenirs that aren't cheesy and make beautiful home decor. The shop itself was such a wonderland for the kids but really for me :)
  • If you're down for a day trip outside of the park, Snow Canyon was pretty amazing. There are several different trails you can do there and I know for a fact that we missed out on something amazing because we were only able to do a couple of them. We did the Sand Dunes trail which was so much fun for the kids. We also did Lava flow, which was gorgeous and Dallas (my husband) and Archie (my son) even climbed down into an underground lava tube!
  • We also stayed at Under Canvas for a night which is a glamping place and that was a pretty cool experience. Our little tent had its own wood burning stove, a Casper Mattress, leather butterfly chairs and a stunning view.
  • Drive through the tunnels. After you enter the park you go past the canyon and SR-9 takes you through some tunnels with some amazing views on the other end of them. Kids love tunnels!

There was so much more we could have done if we had more time (horseback riding in the park comes to mind), but for now, my head is so full with inspiration it could burst!

Under Canvas Zion

Under Canvas Zion