Bucket of Flowers

Bucket of Flowers

from 52.00

Get a bucket of freshly picked, organic, local flowers delivered to your doorstep!

Enough flowers to spread the joy all around your home or even share a bunch with your neighbor!

The bucket will include foliage, fillers, focal flowers and other elements which you can use to make bouquets all in a complimentary color scheme.

Enjoy a fun and mindful activity of arranging your own flowers, making flower crowns or just decorating your home with flowers! Also great for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and celebrations of all kinds!

Buckets vary based on what is in season.

Deliveries for North County San Diego are on Friday between 7am and 2pm. Deliveries for South and East County San Diego are on Tuesday between 7am and 2pm. Delivery options are available on other days for an additional delivery fee from a third party service.

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